What Predictable Results from IT Really Means

We have been told over and over again by our Clients that they “just want predictable results” from the technology their business uses.

Signs That You Are Not Getting Predictable Results

If you are experiencing any of the following, YOU ARE NOT GETTING PREDICTABLE RESULTS from your IT.

  • Network(s) not working
  • Issues with connectivity – dropped connections
  • Sick and tired of hearing complaints from staff about ‘broken tech’
  • It always feel like you’re saying ‘We just want this to work’
  • A specific application or system seems to always be down

Our Approach to Help You With Your Performance

We start by looking at the following to help create more consistent IT performance.

  • Reduce network downtime to fit your business needs
    • 9999 (a couple of hours of downtime each year)
    • 9999 (a couple of hours of downtime each year)
    • 99999 (minutes of downtime each year)
  • Provide more responsive service levels from the IT support help desk
    • Tier 1 support – basic issues
    • Tier 2 support – moderate technical issues
    • Tier 3 support – most complex technical issues
  • Manage hardware lifecycles and equipment more effectively
    •  Entry-level enterprise-class systems
    • Enterprise-class systems

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