Your customers and employees expect that their data will be secure dependable firewalls.

At Emerald City Solutions, we are fans of WatchGuard because when it comes to equipping our clients with a security tool, we need a tool that can be customized to solve a wide variety of business problems.

WatchGuard Configuration Problems

WatchGuard devices are like instruments — in order for these to function optimally, they need to be tuned (i.e. configured) correctly.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know how to properly configure their WatchGuard devices. This leaves gaps in their IT security and can cost a business dearly (both in expenses and lost trust) down the road.

How bad is this WatchGuard configuration problem?

Severe. In fact, 100% of all businesses that come to us with WatchGuard performance issues have devices that are poorly configured. And in almost every single case, their issues are the result of poor configuration — not a problem with the WatchGuard device.

If your WatchGuard performance is sub-par, then it’s likely that you are suffering from a poorly configured device.

I initially contacted Emerald City Solutions after purchasing a business that was in desperate need of updating in several areas. I was immediately met with a warmth and professionalism that can be hard to come by these days…


A Solution To Poor Configuration: WatchGuard Certified Engineers

Emerald City Solutions is a WatchGuard gold partner. Our IT technicians are certified to work on WatchGuard devices and have years of experience configuring WatchGuard products to solve the unique business problems of our clients.

Does your business have compliance requirements?

Do you need a remote workforce solution that enables you to run smooth conference calls?

Whatever your unique business needs and problems, the certified WatchGuard professionals at Emerald City Solutions are able to configure your firewall so that it provides the security you need in a minimally intrusive manner.

To give you some examples of the WatchGuard problems we solve every day, below are case studies for three problems we frequently encounter.

If these issues sound familiar, or if you are struggling with any WatchGuard related IT problem,

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“I Don’t Know What To Do With My WatchGuard Units”

If your business owns WatchGuard units, but you’re not sure what they do, how to set them up, or if you should continue using them, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Several months ago we got a call from a local business with three separate branches. They had a WatchGuard device at each branch and were relying on these devices to keep the three office locations connected.

If one of these devices were to go down, serious problems would occur for the other locations — the major issue being that the offices wouldn’t be able to communicate or share data.

As it stood, their WatchGuard devices weren’t functioning very well, but the business couldn’t configure them because they had recently lost their IT guy. And since no one else knew how to configure, modify, or even use their WatchGuard systems, our new client was in an extremely vulnerable position.

We sent in one of our top WatchGuard technicians and he was able to quickly configure our client’s three WatchGuard firewalls to meet the exact needs of their business.

We also provided them with ongoing WatchGuard tech support until they had the in-house knowledge to maintain their WatchGuards on their own.

If you don’t know what to do with your WatchGuard devices, our certified technicians can ensure that your systems are optimally configured and can provide ongoing support if you lack in-house IT expertise.

At the time, I was working on an overhaul of our systems and needed expertise in cloud computing (eliminating onsite servers) and security (encryption for devices and communications) to enable our office which was going paperless and mobile as we introduced new CRM and document management tools. Big effort! I really can’t say enough about the partnership. We have worked very well together (they’re patient and forgiving as I can be demanding)….


“Why Does WatchGuard Slow Down My Office Systems?”

Our WatchGuard-certified technicians get frequent calls about this kind of problem.

For example, one recent client called us in because their WatchGuard firewall seemed to be slogging down their entire tech system. After analyzing their device, we quickly realized that the person who had originally configured their system hadn’t done so properly.

Instead of configuring the WatchGuard to meet the specific needs of our client, the device had been drastically over-configured. It was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and consequently was slowing down the office’s entire tech system.

Before setting to work, we sat down with the client to get a clear picture of their unique business needs.

Then our technicians rolled up their sleeves and reconfigured the WatchGuard device so that it provided the exact services our client needed.

We also protected our client from loss of investment because not only did we fix their firewall, our reconfiguration also sped up their phone system — one they were about to replace due to running too slow.

As a result, they will be able to continue using their current phone system for many years more.

Do you suspect that a WatchGuard firewall is slowing down your tech infrastructure? Or have you noticed other problems in the office since installing a WatchGuard device?

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We can fine-tune your device so that it meets the exact needs of your business and functions optimally.

“Why Is My WatchGuard Wi-Fi Having Connectivity Problems?”

One of the most common sources of connectivity problems is when untrained hands try to configure a Wi-Fi network.

For example, a local business wanted to give their employees access to Netflix during their breaks. They purchased some off the shelf access points and the employees started enjoying Netflix. But, soon after, performance issues began occurring.

Oddly enough though, the connectivity issues weren’t affecting everyone — some employees were having wifi problems, while others were operating just fine.

To resolve the problems, this business called in our certified WatchGuard support team.

As a WatchGuard gold partner, we have access to powerful analytics tools, so we brought in our security equipment and ran an analysis of our new client’s network.

This revealed the cause of the connectivity issues — there was an evil twin attack occurring.

This means that there was a rogue wifi signal being broadcasted that mimicked our client’s own wifi access point. This rogue signal was tricking employees to get online with it, resulting in troublesome connections for those devices, while other employees were continuing to access the client’s actual network, giving them reliable wifi access.

The danger of an evil twin attack is that it enables hackers to see every site you visit while using the false wifi signal, enabling them to steal passwords and other sensitive data.

Once we identified this problem, we replaced it with a Watchguard Access Point with Wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS). These secure wifi settings detect and neutralize evil twin attacks automatically. This stopped the ongoing evil twin attack and resolved all the connectivity issues we had been called in to repair.

If you notice inconsistencies in your office’s Wi-Fi or if you think your WatchGuard may have been adjusted by someone not certified by WatchGuard,

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We have the technology necessary to detect and end cyber-attacks and can help you recover a dependable Wi-Fi connection.

Allied Steel Fabricators has been partnered with Emerald City Solutions for 5 years now and they have never let us down during this time. In the few instances where we have experienced a hardware or software issue, ECS has been diligent in attending to our immediate needs and often has us in touch with the correct service tech in a matter of minutes, even on weekends!


WatchGuard Consulting Near You

Do the problems listed above ring home? If so, it’s time to talk with a certified WatchGuard IT consultant.
Our certified WatchGuard engineers can assist you with everything from basic operations, like figuring out how to use your WatchGuard system manager or prioritize IPs, to more complex operations like WatchGuard license renewals and system upgrades.

If you have any questions or concerns about your WatchGuard product,

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We will make sure that your firewall is optimized to meet the exact needs of your business.

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