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Virtual office phone systems can control everything from incoming calls to web-conferencing and are usually the first point of contact a potential customer has with your business. 

Considering the critical role phone systems play in the modern, often remote, workplace, your office is only as efficient as your phone system is. A clunky or unreliable phone system can cause problems for employees and result in lost sales. 

If your current phone system seems more like a liability than an advantage, then it is time to consider switching to a new voice service. 

The virtual phone system offered by the IT professionals here at Emerald City Solutions is a robust asset, designed to help solve business problems, increase productivity, and boost customer satisfaction. 

Our virtual phone system equips you with the following solutions: 

  1. A Virtual Phone System That Solves Your Business Problems
  2. Call Center: A Call-Routing System For Large & Small Businesses
  3. Electronic Faxing
  4. Web-Conferencing & Video-Conferencing Solutions
  5. Built-In IT Support


A Virtual Phone System That Solves Your Business Problems

As a company that specializes in network communications and IT, we understand the unique communication problems that businesses like yours face every day. To help solve the challenges facing your company, our holistic phone system integrates seamlessly with your computers and other applications. 

Our virtual phone system is also designed with growth anticipated, so it scales in step with the growth of your business. 

Other business problems that our holistic phone system solves include:

  • The ability to take advantage of additional features that your current phone system isn’t equipped with (e.g. web-conferencing).
  • Resolution of problems with your existing cloud-based phone system. Whether you’re unhappy with your provider, the services provided, or call quality, upgrading to our system means dependable service from a reputable and respected provider. 
  • Resolving unreliable phone system problems by upgrading to our state-of-the-art technology.

Beyond solving your business problems, the advantages of our service include: 

  • Dependable call quality. Time to say goodbye to one-way audio, dropped calls, and that terrible robotic-voice distortion.
  • The ability to connect from anywhere in the world. Since our phone system is based in the cloud, you can access your call center, web-conferencing, faxing, and more, from anywhere you have internet access. 
  • Built-in continuity. If circumstances force you to work away from your office computer, you can still access your phone system from your personal laptop, mobile phone, or other devices. 
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Call Center: An Intelligent Call-Routing System For Large & Small Businesses

Does your business process a lot of phone calls? Would you like to be able to track call data in order to improve operator performance and sales? 

If your company receives a large number of inbound calls, then you understand that losing a call can cost you a sale. Our innovative virtual phone system for small businesses ensures that you’re able to capture these calls, track where they come from, and process them through a queue — this enables your phone operators to handle a much higher volume of calls. 

Our call center software brings enterprise-level call center capabilities to local small businesses that otherwise would not have access to this quality of call-processing software. 

The advantages of our dynamic and intelligent call routing service include: 

  • Business intelligence. Track where calls are coming from, which business phone numbers are being used, which employees are answering calls, how long calls are lasting, and other crucial business data. Having access to this data enables you to identify areas that need improvement, coach staff on how to perform better calls, and speed up new-employee training. 
  • Create intelligent call routing queues. Incoming calls will automatically be put into a waiting queue until an operator becomes available to answer their call. While in the queue, you can have a recording answering frequently asked questions, like company operating hours and directions, or you can set up your waiting room to advertise your services. Our intelligent call routing software can also ask questions to identify the reason for the call, ensuring that the caller gets delivered to the right operator. 
  • Improve call-taking efficiency. Instead of being forced to manually put incoming calls on hold, our intelligent call center automates the process and scales up the speed at which your team can process calls. This means you can handle significantly higher call volume without having to increase staff. 

Emerald City Solutions’ intelligent call center improves the customer experience, promotes operator efficiency, and arms company leaders with the call data needed to make accurate business decisions. 



Electronic Faxing 

One of the perks of our virtual phone system is that it comes with electronic faxing. In today’s increasingly remote office environment, it’s time for your business to retire your old and wheezing fax machine in favor of streamlined tech that delivers incoming faxes directly to your email inbox. 

For companies looking to eliminate legacy technology and move their faxing system into the 21st century, our internet faxing service delivers these advantages: 

  • Retire out-dated equipment. Make the transition from traditional multi-function with a fax line attached, to a service that sends faxes directly to your email.


  • Optimize your workflow. Instead of faxes piling up on the office’s fax machine, have faxes delivered electronically to the intended recipient. No more sorting through a pile of papers to figure out which faxes go where. 
  • Business integration with email and CRM systems. Start making your fax system work for you, instead of you for it. By taking advantage of Emerald City Solutions’ virtual phone system service, you can integrate fax into your email and online applications. 



Web-Conferencing & Video-Conferencing Solutions

A problem for many small-to-medium businesses is balancing multiple apps at the same time — one for web-conferencing, one for video-conferencing, and a third app for instant messaging. This gets clunky quickly and the friction of managing all these apps slows down productivity.  

By taking advantage of the virtual phone solution we offer, you get all three services (web conferencing, video conferencing, and instant messaging) seamlessly integrated into a single application. 

A simple, reliable, and robust solution. 

Our web conferencing software comes with our virtual voice service package and equips you with a single application for all the following tasks: 

  • Instant messaging
  • Web-conferencing & video-conferencing, with the ability to start a meeting from within the instant messenger, the video conferencing app, or from Outlook 
  • Screen sharing


Built-In IT Support 

One of the things that differentiate us from other virtual phone system providers is that we are also a network services company. That’s our core business. And what we’ve found is that the secret to superior phone communication systems is in the network management. 

This is what raises Emerald City Solutions over our competitors. 

Our virtual phone system comes with our expert design, network management, and IT support built into our phone service. We help your voice communications work as effectively and as smoothly as your computer systems do. 

When phone systems and computer infrastructure are optimized to work together, then both deliver faster results and higher-quality connections. 

What happens when a phone service and computer system or managed separately? 

Our technicians witness the fallout of this at least once a week. We’ll visit a new client’s office in order to help with IT problems on their computer system, only to find that their firewall was never configured to work together with their phone system. Without the right rules in place on the firewall, phone traffic is impeded, resulting in dropped calls, robotic-sounding interference, and one-way audio. 

By parking your phone system and network management at the same place, like our virtual phone system customers do, you ensure that your phones and computers work together instead of against each other. 

To learn more about how our virtual phone systems and voice services can help your business, contact Emerald City Solutions today.

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