Elevate Messenger Training

Elevate Messenger Training


1. Elevate Messenger Features

b. Searching Contacts

c. Incoming Message Previews

d. Unread Messages and emojis

e. Messaging Attachments

f. Clicking + for new Contact

g. Creating a new Personal Contact

h. Checking Personal Contacts

i. Creating New Group Chat

j. Group Chat Options

k. Individual Chat Contact

l. Sending new SMS Chat

m. Sending Meet Now in Chat

n. Meet Now/ Online Meeting

o. Online Meeting Section

p. ShareSync (not used)

2. Calls and Voicemail

b. Voicemail History

3. Contacts Calling and Application Modes

b. Voicemail History

c. Changing Account Statuss

d. Voicemail Settings

e. Call Controller and Softphone

f. Call Controller – Incoming Calls

g. Softphone – Incoming Calls

h. Softphone Computer

i. Softphone Mute Button

j. Softphone Hold Button

k. Softphone Keypad Button

l. Softphone Call Flip Button

m. Softphone Call Park Button

n. Softphone Transfer Button

o. Softphone Warm Transfer

p. Softphone Blind Transfer

q. Softphone Voicemail Transfer

r. Softphone Add Call Button

s. Merging Contact or Phone

t. End Call Button

4. Chrome and Outlook

b. Outlook Integration

c. CRM Screen Pops Integration

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