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What Is the Technology Lifecycle Management

Your company’s IT solutions are subject to the technology life cycle, which is the cycle of a technological innovation or product from inception through production, distribution, peak usefulness, decline, and obsolescence. Ideally, your IT strategy should plan for technological upgrades throughout ...

Did My Samsung Device Just Wink? Is it Spying on Me?

Occasionally, some Samsung smartphone users might see something strange appear at the top of their device’s screen--an eyeball. It will show up for a brief second and then disappear. What gives Samsung? Are you spying on me? For this blog, we’ll get to the bottom of this, as well as go over the ...

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IOT Definition | Understanding the Internet of Things

Is your business ready for it? As technology grows more potent, Internet-connectivity is becoming a more common occurrence amongst consumer goods. In fact, according to Gartner, Inc, a technology research organization, there might be close to 26 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things b ...

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Are the Messaging Apps You Use Secure?

Messaging applications are critical to the success of the modern business, but it’s important that they don’t compromise security in the pursuit of convenience. There is a specific set of criteria involved with ensuring that your chosen messaging applications are secure. The Criteria Ask yourse ...

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How a Haphazard Approach to IT Only Creates More Problems

We have been very fortunate to assist many organizations, and this experience has given us a certain perspective of how many businesses approach their technology maintenance. We often work with new businesses to audit the performance of their IT. We’ve found that small businesses tend to have more ...

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Understanding Network Security

Maximizing Your Business’ Security Businesses are often so concerned with their day-to-day operations that they forget to invest heavily in network security. Others understand the need for comprehensive network security, but have a lenient strategy in regards to their IT, which can be just as detr ...

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Tip of the Week: Don’t Leave Your Chrome Extensions Behind When You Go Incognito

With Google Chrome’s Incognito mode, you can privately browse the web, but you may have noticed that Incognito mode also disables your extensions by default. This isn’t a big deal, but it can be an annoyance that you’d prefer not to deal with. Thankfully, there’s a good way to make sure that ...

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Spam Protection – Regain Control over your Inbox

How much does spam cost your company? As a business owner, you probably spend a solid amount of time every day checking your email and responding to leads, customers, and employees. Unfortunately, one of the primary faults in email communication is the prevalence of spam. If your organization only ...

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4 Money-Saving Measures Any Business Owner Can Implement

Unless you’re at the helm of a Fortune 500 company, it’s likely that you’re always on the lookout for new ways to save money by tweaking your company’s operations. When you’re in money-saving mode, you understand that even a small change can rack up a lot in savings. To help you in your ...

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2017 Cyber Threats: Ransomware

With the recent surge in Cyber Attacks, how do you know if you are secure? We want you to be aware of the latest, and most dangerous cyber threats out there, starting with Ransomware. What is it? Ransomware is vicious malware that locks users out of their devices or blocks admittance to doc ...

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Phishing – How They Hook You and What You Can Do to Prevent It

Phishing is all about psychology, also known as social engineering. They exploit your sense of urgency, your desire to be responsible, or your relationships with the important people in your life. Phishing usually takes place in your email by hackers using alluring links or attached files. Recently ...

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