Document Management System

As a business grows and expands, implementing strategies to keep everything organized and streamlined becomes necessary for profitability. 

Whether you’re a business owner or team manager, creating a productive, efficient, and non-chaotic work environment should be one of your main priorities. And one of the major ways that you can achieve this is by implementing a document management system into your company infrastructure. 

Continue reading to learn more about what document management systems are or get in touch with Emerald City Solutions to speak with a DMS specialist about your company’s needs. 

Document Management System

What Are Document Management Systems?

Electronic document management systems are essentially digital filing cabinets. 

As more companies implement work from home systems and teams have to collaborate with others who are not with them in the office, the need for a functional, intuitive document management system increases. 

They allow you to keep your digital records organized and stored in a place that enables team members to access, collaborate, file, and edit in a more time-efficient manner. 

Document management systems are generally either cloud-based or on-premises systems depending on the needs of the business that is using them.  

Our Comprehensive Document Management System

At Emerald City Solutions, we have a document management system that is designed to equip businesses with the tools, security, and functions that they need to operate efficiently. 

Our comprehensive document management system acts as your electronic filing system so that you can ditch the traditional rows of filing cabinets that are filling up your precious office space and convert to a more streamlined and effective management method.

In addition to being more compact than traditional filing systems, document management systems are also more organized to increase overall team efficiency and productivity. As a business owner or team manager, you likely already understand the importance of organization and how big of a role it plays in whether or not your team is able to get their tasks done — making a DMS even more desirable. 

About Our Enterprise Document Management System

Our document management system allows business owners and employees to manage their files, organize, plan, and maintain their database in order to create continuity throughout their entire business infrastructure. 

Our document management system safeguards your business against cyber threats, saves your employees time by offering an intuitive searching system, and improves overall team collaboration.

Benefits of Using a DMS Document Management System 

Most companies are constantly on the hunt for systems that they can implement that will make their businesses more efficient and organized. Document management systems help implement efficiency and organization along with other business benefits.

The following sections detail some of the best benefits of document management systems. 

Increased Company Security

Document management systems enable businesses to protect sensitive information by limiting access to certain files and enabling an automated alert feature when files are accessed. 

You can also store documents in a secure, encrypted on-site server or cloud-based server for added security. 

Ability To Scale With Your Business

Document management solutions are scalable and can grow or shrink depending on the stage that your business is in.

Scaling your business shouldn’t be something that comes with apprehension, and so we at Emerald City Solutions have made it our mission to provide intuitive document management systems that reflect the needs of your growing company. 

Document Management & Organization

Document management systems ensure that files are organized and categorized, allowing you to enjoy a streamlined and stress-free workspace. 

Easier Collaboration

With document management systems in place, multiple of your employees can work on the same project — making collaboration easier and more efficient. 

DMS solutions also enable change tracking abilities so that employees can see when changes occur and can also have access to older copies of the same file. 


Due to the advanced searching capabilities of document management systems, your employees will save infinite amounts of time that would otherwise be spent searching for misplaced files.

Because your team can save on time spent searching for mismanaged or poorly-named files, you will experience greater overall productivity and timeliness on projects. 

A Greener Workplace

One of the biggest benefits of document management systems is that it helps create a more eco-conscious work environment. 

Having a document management system in place helps offices create a workspace that uses less paper, resulting in a softened environmental impact.

How To Choose the Best Document Management System For Your Business 

If you are in the process of selecting a document management system for your business, here are five things that you should be looking for in a good DMS. 

  1. Intuitive filing system. The DMS you choose should be equipped with an intuitive and simple filing structure to ensure that all of your team members can quickly learn to use it.
  2. Search function. Any document management system that you’re considering should be equipped with a search function that makes it easy to find files on the fly. Aim for a DMS that allows you to search for files by name, content, modified dates, and type of file. 
  3. Easy integration. The DMS should be easy to integrate into your business infrastructure and should be compatible with important programs that you use often (such as email).
  4. Security features. Many document management systems allow business owners to dictate which files are viewable by which employees as well as restrict all access to particular files. 
  5. Mobile accessibility. Due to the frequency of remote working, being able to access files from a personal device is a very important and necessary feature of document management systems.   

Where To Get Document Content Management System Services

If you are looking for a small business document management system that will revolutionize the way that your company functions and make productivity skyrocket, get in touch with Emerald City Solutions today. We offer an intuitive, simple, and secure solution for all of your document management issues. 

Here at Emerald City Solutions, our team thrives at problem-solving and creating a work environment that is maximally productive and efficient. 

We look forward to working with you and helping you implement a document management system that improves your company workplace.

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