Scam Hijacks Google Chrome Browser to Gain Personal Data

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The most popular browser in the world, Google Chrome, is being scammed again.

What Happens? 

It starts with a fake error message that appears on your screen. The bug that is triggered is more of an annoyance because it renders your Chrome browser unresponsive when it first begins. If left to run, the bug will eventually cause your Windows systems to be unstable.

After the malicious code locks the browser, the warning pops up and urges you to call the phone number provided. A person then posing as a representative from what seems a reputable company asks for personal or financial information to fix the phony issues. Another variant of the scam will lock up your computer and offer fake deals like gift cards.

Is There A Fix?

The fixes vary depending on the scam. In Windows, you can use the Task Manager to “end task” and terminate the browser. In macOS, users “force quit” a process. In some cases users will have to reset their browser so it doesn’t open back up to the same page.

Pro Tip: No legit company (ie: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Ect…) will ever lock up your browser for any reason.

A final word of advice- Never disclose personal information over the phone, and always treat unsolicited phone calls or pop-ups with skepticism.

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