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More and more companies are getting Office 365 backup in Everett, WA, and it’s not hard to see why. Microsoft Office 365 might be an excellent investment for businesses of all sizes, but it’s crucial to remember that any online service can become vulnerable to data loss.

A reliable backup plan helps mitigate this issue.

Office 365 Backup Helps to Avoid Data Loss

Data loss incidents happen more often than you might think. From sudden power outages to greenhorn employees accidentally deleting important files, there are many potential risks to your data — this is where a backup plan comes in handy.

Emerald City Solutions offers comprehensive Office 365 backup services to safeguard your data from any type of incident. We use the latest technology to create backups stored off-site, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure. This investment can help you avoid the costly downtime that typically occurs from data loss.

Office 365 Backup for Data Protection

Malicious cyber-attacks are rising, and your data could be at risk if you lack a backup plan. This is why Office 365 backup is a must in Everett.

In the event of a ransomware attack, for example, you could lose file access unless you have a recent backup. Office 365 backup from Emerald City Solutions lets you quickly and easily retrieve your data if it ever becomes lost or corrupted. This type of protection also comes with features like automatic backups and unlimited storage, so you can rest easy knowing your data is always safe.

Protect Your SaaS Data with Office 365 Backup

You can actively protect your SaaS data with Office 365 backup. Everett companies rely on SaaS applications to run their businesses, but these applications are usually lacking when it comes to data protection. With Office 365 backup, you get many useful features to make up for this deficiency.


Office 365 backup’s ability to quickly restore your data is incredibly helpful if you ever experience an outage or data loss. With our backup services, you can retrieve your data in as little as 15 minutes.

Error Reporting

With the error reporting function, you can quickly identify any potential problems and take steps to mitigate future data loss issues.

Automated Backup

Office 365 backup comes with an automated backup function. By scheduling regular backups, you can ensure your data stays protected without needing to do it manually.

Cloud-to-Cloud Storage 

Unlike other backup solutions, Office 365 backup uses cloud-based storage. This cloud-based support in Everett offers many benefits, such as increased security and scalability.

Office 365 Backup Pricing

Office 365 backup pricing in Everett depends on the type of license you need, and they can range from $18 to $30. Here’s a breakdown of what features and support services to expect.

Office 365 and G Suit Backup

All of our backup plans come with support for Office 365 and G Suite. You can choose to back up data from both platforms or just one.

SharePoint/OneDrive, MS Groups, Box Business, Google Team Drive, Dropbox Business

Do you want more than just email backup? You can choose a plan that supports many other applications.

Backup Salesforce Production

For comprehensive data protection, we offer plans that include backup for Salesforce Production.

Why Choose Us?

At Emerald City Solutions, we have a solid track record of providing exceptional IT support in Everett. Our team knows the ins and outs of Office 365 backup in Everett, WA, so you can trust us to provide the best possible management services. From data protection to error reporting, we have you covered.

Emerald City Solutions: The Best Office 365 Backup In Everett

If you’re ready to protect your organization with Office 365 backup in Everett, WA, look no further than Emerald City Solutions. We stay on top of the latest backup technologies so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today to start your custom backup plan.

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