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Being a business owner in the 21st century doesn’t come without its fair share of complexities. While in the past, business owners didn’t have to spend a second thinking about network monitoring and the importance of server security, nowadays network security is vital.

Failing to make sure that your network is secure and your workstations protected can result in lost time, lost data, or even stolen information.

To avoid encountering these kinds of issues, it’s important to work with a network monitoring service to ensure that your company’s software is up to date and that your server isn’t experiencing any issues.

Continue reading to learn more about network monitoring and how it can help you run your company more efficiently and profitably.

What Is Network Monitoring?

What is network monitoring? And should you invest in network monitoring software for your Marysville company?

Network monitoring is when you have an IT technician monitoring your servers and company workstations remotely. This is a form of proactive maintenance that ensures that your company’s server is secure and functional.

Network monitoring has two components: server monitoring and workstation monitoring.

Each of these is essential for maximizing team productivity, reducing downtime, and mitigating the risks of network breaches, lost time, and lost data.

Benefits Of Network Monitoring Software Seattle

What are the benefits of having a network monitoring system in place? Three of the benefits that Emerald City Solutions’ network monitoring solution offers your company include:

  1. Uninterrupted network — resulting in increased productivity.
  2. Immediate response to perceived threats and server issues.
  3. Greater IT awareness and education for your employees.

Our Network Monitoring Solutions

At Emerald City Solutions, our network monitoring solution is intuitively designed to meet all of the practical and safety requirements of a Marysville business. Our IT technicians will install the latest software on your workstations that are designed to detect breaches or suspicious activity.

Whenever your network or workstations experience an abnormality that could be a threat, a notification will be sent to our IT technicians and they will set to work investigating and remedying the issue.

Our network monitoring solution enables you to have peace of mind and confidence knowing that our IT specialists are working behind the scenes to keep your company servers always functional and safe.

If even the slightest threat is detected, our IT specialists won’t rest until they know that your company’s server and data are secure.

Network Monitoring Service Provider Marysville

Get in touch with Emerald City Solutions to inquire about our network monitoring service today.

Our team of IT professionals is passionate about providing Marysville companies with the network monitoring services that they need in order to keep their businesses thriving. We know how complicated it can be to tend to the IT side of your business and our IT technicians want to take that burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

To get in touch with our IT experts, fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to working with you to improve your company’s network security and team productivity.

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