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Many small businesses stay limited by their IT capability. Even if you have a low-tech organization, you’ll quickly find that having a structured IT system is vital for storing client information and inventory—and even simplifying your bookkeeping.

As your business grows, so will your needs for IT services. While it’s possible to do it all in-house, you may end up feeling overwhelmed and intimidated at the work and expense involved in setting up an IT department of dedicated in-house staff. In these cases, you may find that outsourcing to a managed IT support services company can make a huge difference to your business’s success.

What Are Managed IT Support Services?

Managed IT support services cover a whole array of traditional IT tasks. Most businesses don’t need the whole suite of business IT support services. Some companies don’t need user support, for example, while others may not be ready for cloud computing.

That’s why an excellent IT support company like our team at Emerald City Solutions can save you money and headaches by tailoring our highly skilled services to your business needs. You’ll only pay for the specific services that you need, and you’ll have the additional benefit of adapting those services as your business grows or changes. Some common IT services we manage for businesses and organizations include:

  • End-user support
  • Software updates
  • Malware and antivirus installation and updating
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Remote backup and data recovery
  • Network management
  • New needs consultations

As your company develops a relationship with our business IT support team, you’ll get better and more expert advice on what works for your particular situation. The better we know your business, the more useful our services become.

Benefits of a Business IT Support Service

Most businesses don’t see the need for “IT support services near me” until something goes wrong, like a malware attack. That’s when you need the expertise of a dedicated IT support team with advanced expertise that can restore your business functions quickly and painlessly.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Having the latest IT infrastructure and cybersecurity resources is essential to staying ahead of the competition. Modern platforms make it simpler and faster to manage common business operations, ranging from customer management to employee payroll. The better these systems work, the more efficiently your business will run.

Improve Cash Flow

Many IT services can improve overall organizational efficiency. Higher efficiency will lead to reduced costs as well as improved profit margins. The result? Better cash flow and flexibility to drive business growth.

Focus on Driving Company Growth

Managing your business’s IT needs is time-consuming and expensive. Working with an outsourced IT support team can make a huge difference in your overall focus. Instead of spending time worrying about your network and dealing without outages and failures, you can focus on the more important aspects of your business, allowing it to grow and thrive.

Network Management for Lynnwood, WA, Companies

One of the key aspects of business IT support services is network management. Your network is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. It connects all devices to each other, allowing for collaboration and communication throughout the company. It’s also one of the most vulnerable parts of your business.

As part of our suite of network management services, our team at Emerald City Solutions can provide:

  •  IT consulting: Whether you’re looking for advice on how to expand your network or want to find current weaknesses, our consulting team is here to help. We have experience with businesses from a wide selection of sectors and industries, allowing us to help you make informed decisions.
  • IT support: There’s nothing worse than trying to deal with an outage by yourself. That’s why we provide 24/7 support with an expert team that can help resolve the issue with minimal downtime and impact on your organization.
  • Remote monitoring: Prevention is better than cure, and our remote, Cloud-based (but highly secure) monitoring services ensure that we address potential issues before they become serious concerns.

Get the IT Support Your Lynnwood Business Deserves

If you’re still searching for the right “IT support company near me,” get in touch with us at Emerald City Solutions at (206) 340-1616 today! Regardless of your business or IT needs, we have the passion and expertise to take your Lynnwood, WA, business or organization to the next level.

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