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Are you ready to scale your business but need to save money on IT services? Our IT outsourcing services Lynnwood from Emerald City Solutions are the perfect solution for Northwest Washington. You’ll receive a team of IT experts to manage your business’s networks and security without the costs of hiring internal employees. 

At Emerald City Solutions, we are a leading IT services company serving clients in Lynnwood, WA, and the surrounding areas. We provide an IT outsourcing service so your team can focus on more critical tasks.

What Is IT Outsourcing?

Any business is at risk of a security breach, so your customers and employees need a dedicated IT department. IT outsourcing transfers your employees’ IT management and security monitoring responsibilities to an external team. This outsourced team works with existing software vendors or company employees. 

Tasks ideal for IT-support outsourcing in Lynnwood may include:

  • Developing applications
  • Managing data centers and network security
  • Addressing support tickets
  • Assisting with data recovery
  • Facilitating digital infrastructure changes

IT Outsourcing Services From Emerald City Solutions in Lynnwood

Emerald City Solutions’ small-business IT outsourcing is comprehensive for all your IT needs. Whether you’re in healthcare or architecture, we can provide IT services that will match your security and information demands. 

Our IT outsourcing services in Lynnwood provide in-person or remote assistance. We offer the following services and more:

  • Cloud Solutions: From cloud storage to cloud security, we encrypt confidential information and prevent hackers from accessing it digitally. Keep your data safe with us.
  • IT Support and Security: We develop a support plan for your business’s IT growth and recovery. Our IT outsourcing company in Lynnwood also implements practical security solutions for electronics and more. We also provide on-demand IT assistance.
  • Network Security: Your network’s security could become compromised without notice. With our team, you will get notifications of security breaches or unauthorized attempts and receive detailed reports of each event.
  • Content Filtering: Unrestricted online access can significantly decrease workplace productivity. Keep harmful or inappropriate content away from your employees with firewall and content filtering.
  • Communications Solutions: Give your employees more time for urgent tasks by delegating emailing and invoicing to an external team. Our IT outsourcing company in Lynnwood can easily outsource tasks for call centers and customer service employees.

The Features and Benefits of IT Outsourcing Services

As a top IT outsourcing provider in Lynnwood, WA, our team at Emerald City Solutions promotes the benefits of outsourcing. In addition to an expert team for all your IT outsourcing, you’ll also save money. Other features and benefits include precise control, quick communication, and excellent security.

Constant Monitoring

Network security requires constant monitoring and regular updates to prevent network breaches and sensitive information exposures. Our service uses a UTM to manage all networks. With continuous monitoring, you get immediate protection from hackers.

Quick Response

Emerald City Solutions is just a call or email away. We respond quickly and keep in frequent communication throughout all your IT projects outsourcing.

Remote Management

Outsourcing your IT services will give your company the flexibility to manage your IT demands from anywhere.

High-Quality Security

Our services will ensure that you get adequate security for all networks, devices, and digital real estate. Our team provides regular security reports via email.

Contact Emerald City Solutions Today to See How Our IT Professionals Can Help Your Business with IT Outsourcing

Emerald City Solutions offers a variety of IT services through outsourcing. As a small, local, probably family-owned business, we understand your customers’ need for security and online safety. We want to encourage employee productivity. No matter your company’s IT demands, we have the capabilities to tackle them all. 

Get high-quality IT services at affordable costs by working with us at Emerald City Solutions. We’ll help you grow your business’s network and security infrastructure as your business adapts to new technology and grows in size. 

Keep your customers safe while saving money by using our IT outsourcing services in Lynwood, WA. Choose us at Emerald City Solutions as the top regional IT outsourcing provider. Contact us today by calling 206-456-4436 to set up an initial consultation.


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