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If you’re looking for reliable VoIP phone systems in Everett, a plan from Emerald City Solutions is right up your alley. We are the VoIP provider of choice for hundreds of small to midsized business owners in the city, offering a broad range of business phone services at the most cost-effective prices.

Introduction to VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, an early advancement in telecommunications technology that predates the mass availability of the internet. In the early days of VoIP services, only million-dollar businesses with high-speed internet connections could afford them. Today, any business owner would miss out if they won’t leverage the power of the internet to make phone calls.

A VoIP service allows entrepreneurs to make cheaper telephone calls to and from their offices by cutting out the analog layer of landline connection providers and their unsightly copper wires. VoIP is the connection of choice if you want to make calls using computers, mobile devices, or even in-office television screens.

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Why Switch to Our VoIP Phone Systems in Everett?

Because our VoIP phone systems use the same data centers and satellites as millions of other providers worldwide, you pay less for the resources you need. A VoIP subscription features lower monthly fees than a traditional phone line, and you can make long-distance calls to anyone in the world for pennies.

In place of purchasing more hardware for a landline, a VoIP system will allow you to unlock new services with a mouse click. Now that businesses are engaging in the gig economy, your competitors are looking for cheaper, more flexible, and more global technologies. You can choose VoIP that is more feature-rich, powerful, and versatile than most landline systems worldwide.

Our Everett VoIP Phone Services

Integration with Unified Communications Systems

Our VoIP phone systems can integrate with your unified communications solution and relay information through numerous types of devices. Emerald City Solutions offers a unified communications product, but our VoIP implementations are compatible with any provider.

You can receive calls and messages through apps, email providers, videoconferencing, fax, and over the phone.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Users can communicate via VoIP with a Session Initiation Protocol implementation, which gives them better control over various elements of two unified communication network domains. Creating conference sessions across multiple devices has never been this easy.

Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP)

A Real-Time Transport Protocol handles video, audio, and file transfer information over the internet, giving you streaming capabilities for conferences that integrate seamlessly with SIP through a VoIP system.

Types of VoIP Phones

Hard Phones

Hard phones are communication devices that are usually handheld and require a wi-fi signal to activate VoIP capabilities. Examples of hard phones include smartphones, cordless phones, and even headsets.


Softphones are devices that don’t have a physical presence. They exist as code inside a hard drive, which gives you a graphical user interface when you activate them.

Benefits of VoIP Phone System to Small Businesses

  • Reliable connectivity. Connections from VoIP phones to servers can stream at hundreds of megabytes per second.
  • Service mobility. VoIP earpieces allow you to connect to people as long as you have a Bluetooth or wi-fi signal.
  • Innovative calling features. VoIP phones feature thousands of apps that allow you to send massive files over the internet.
  • Lower cost per call. The only fee you need to pay for a VoIP phone call is the data center space your data will take up, which is very cheap.
  • Global access. You can call anyone with an internet connection through VoIP.
  • Unified communications. VoIP systems roll all the features of landline phones and video conferencing software into one cohesive protocol.

Emerald City Solutions: Your Reliable VoIP Provider in Everett

Emerald City Solutions is the go-to company for business owners who want cost-efficient VoIP phone systems in Everett that don’t sacrifice speed and reliability. Our services are flexible, and you can easily upgrade to more expansive plans as you take on more clients and hire more employees. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which we fulfill by meeting deadlines and giving our clients trouble-free installation and periodic maintenance processes.

We can tailor our VoIP phone systems in Everett to accommodate every business need. Call our licensed VoIP technicians at Emerald City Solutions today by dialing 206-340-1616, and we’ll give you a free consultation.

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Talk to a Consultant

Emerald City Solutions is Top Notch!!! The best IT Partnership we have joined!! From the beginning, Emerald City Solutions met to understand our needs as it pertains to construction as well as our vision for the future.

Their expertise and knowledge helped put us at ease in making a switch, which was a very efficient and smooth transition with very little down time. We as a company feel they have done a remarkable job in handling our entire IT package and keeping us up to date with latest options if they feel it would benefit us and our industry.

Their service is exceptional with very quick response time. We highly recommend you partnering with Emerald City Solutions for your IT needs.

Joe G. & Debbie S.

Allied Steel Fabricators has been partnered with Emerald City Solutions for 5 years now and they have never let us down during this time. In the few instances where we have experienced a hardware or software issue, ECS has been diligent in attending to our immediate needs and often has us in touch with the correct service tech in a matter of minutes, even on weekends! Every staff member is polite, honest, and knowledgeable - We look forward to many more years of business with ECS as our Information Technology experts.

Joel E.

I initially contacted Emerald City Solutions after purchasing a business that was in desperate need of updating in several areas. I was immediately met with a warmth and professionalism that can be hard to come by these days. We have dealt with just about every department at ECS and I have been blown away with the customer service and attention to detail provided by each and every person we’ve worked with. Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful and very responsive to any and all communication efforts. From purchasing new equipment, to upgrading existing systems as well as service calls, all of our concerns have been met with prompt action. I can’t recommend Grant and his team at ECS enough and look forward to continuing to work with them for all of our IT needs!

Dr. Sherese

I came to Emerald by way of a recommendation from an industry colleague. I was happy to leave my Seattle based IT provider who’s pricing model was entirely unpredictable with a combination of monthly contract AND hourly billing based on ??? (difficult for a small business managing cashflow). At the time, I was working on an overhaul of our systems and needed expertise in cloud computing (eliminating onsite servers) and security (encryption for devices and communications) to enable our office which was going paperless and mobile as we introduced new CRM and document management tools. Big effort! I really can’t say enough about the partnership. We have worked very well together (they’re patient and forgiving as I can be demanding). My team sees them as an outsourced extension of the office and doesn’t hesitate to get help when needed vs. the costly unpredictable service provider that we previously only contacted as last resort. For me this combination of friendly available service and predictable pricing was exactly what we needed. Having worked extensively in IT, I had a pretty good handle on what was needed, and am very satisfied with the results. I’d be happy to also take questions for those seriously considering a change in their tech support.

Jeff J.

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