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From national corporations to single-person mortgage consultancies, the mortgage banking industry is undergoing rapid technological changes. During this time of fast IT evolution, every kind of mortgage banking company, large and small, is faced with four primary concerns: 

  1. Complying with expanding regulatory standards. 
  2. Evolving your marketing tactics and business-growth strategies to take advantage of new technology. 
  3. Protecting your company and customers from security threats. 
  4. Maintaining service standards and ensuring that technology runs smoothly, so as to not disrupt customer service. 

Protecting your company from threats, ensuring compliance, and maintaining efficient operation procedures starts with your technology infrastructure. Is your technology helping your company hit business goals, or is your IT a liability that causes disruption and seems to prevent employees from achieving company objectives?

The difference between IT as an advantage and IT as a liability usually rests on the quality of your mortgage banking IT support. Efficient and dependable IT support enables you to stay on top of the latest technology developments, sharpens your edge over the competition, and keeps you one step ahead of security threats for the industry.

What Are The Most Common IT Problems Plaguing Mortgage Bankers?

Here are some of the most prevalent IT problems that mortgage banking companies face:

  • Security issues: When it comes to malicious technology attacks, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Being vulnerable to a data breach has the potential to do a lot of damage to your mortgage banking company. Sensitive data can be lost or stolen due to system security issues.
  • Slow processing: Outdated processing systems result in slow processing speeds and a system that gets overwhelmed quickly.
  • Out of date systems: Slow database speeds result in limited productivity and are a sign of outdated systems. The cutting-edge system that you put in place when you first started your business may no longer be up to par in 2020. If you’re unsure if your system is outdated, bring in an IT consultant that specializes in mortgage banking so that they can measure the performance of your current system. 
  • Conflicting databases and applications: It can be difficult to coordinate a team that is working with various applications and systems. Rather than using multiple interfaces with your team and risking miscommunication, it’s important to use programs and applications that are compatible and work efficiently with each other. 

The bad news is that just one of these problems can cause a host of additional complications for your company. The good news is that with a reliable IT service provider, many of these problems can be speedily resolved and your team can get back to checking-off your business goals. 

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Finding An IT Service That Understands The Mortgage Banking Industry

At Emerald City Solutions, our IT professionals has an in-depth knowledge of the mortgage banking industry. Our IT support team has spent years working with mortgage bankers and creating processes that efficiently solve the unique problems mortgage bankers face.

We are committed to solving your IT problems once and for all and will never offer vague or expensive IT solutions without ensuring that you fully understand the problem that is being faced and the best solution for it. 

Our simple mantra is, “problem first, technology second.” This means we never suggest technical solutions until we understand exactly what your business goals are and what you need your technology to do for you. 

Here are some of the specialized IT solutions that our team has developed for those in mortgage banking:

Advanced IT Security for Mortgage Bankers

At Emerald City Solutions, we are constantly updating and evolving with the latest technology for the greatest level of security. We always stay two steps ahead of cyberattacks, providing mortgage banking services with confidence in the privacy and safety of their databases.

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Network Management and Consulting

Companies that work with finances and loans (such as mortgage bankers) have to take special care to never experience system down-time. This is why it is so important for mortgage bankers to have a trusted IT team on-call so that when they encounter tech issues they are able to combat and deal with the threat immediately. We offer constant IT support through our network management services, which allow us to offer remote consulting and monitoring of your systems for greater IT efficiency. 

Professional IT Services For Mortgage Bankers

At Emerald City Solutions, we are proud to offer a diverse range of tech services to mortgage bankers that cover all of their IT needs. Our IT team understands the unique demands of the mortgage banking industry and is ready to assist with IT support, increased data security, IT analysis, and IT diagnostics.

To learn more about our specialized IT services and qualified team, contact Emerald City Solutions today. We’d be happy to set up an appointment and send one of our professional consultants to your firm to give you a greater sense of database security and improved system speeds.

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