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One thing all insurance agencies have in common is that good IT practices are essential for their company to run optimally. Whether you offer homeowners insurance, life insurance, car insurance, or health insurance, or other kinds of protection, up-to-date and efficient IT practices are paramount.

Achieving your business goals, protecting your data, optimizing productivity, and ensuring compliance standards are met, all rest on the quality of your IT support. 

Efficient and dependable insurance IT support enables you to stay on top of the latest technology developments, sharpens your edge over the competition, and keeps you one step ahead of security threats facing the insurance industry.

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IT Problems Facing Insurance Agencies in 2020

The IT professionals here at Emerald City Solutions has spent years working closely with the insurance companies. As a result, we have intimate knowledge of the industry-specific challenges and unique IT threats facing this industry. 

For example, here are four of the largest IT issues plaguing the insurance industry in 2020:

1. Data Loss

One of the most harmful IT issues an insurance agency might encounter is data loss. Data loss can occur for a number of different reasons such as a cyberattack, data theft, data corruption, etc. To know if lost data is recoverable, it’s essential to contact a professional IT service immediately and schedule a team to try to retrieve lost data. While not all lost data may be retrievable, working with an IT professional will help you understand why the data loss occurred as well as how to avoid lost data in the future.

2. Security Threats

When it comes to malicious technology attacks, the question is when, not if. Cyber attackers frequently target insurance agencies as they know that you have the personal information of all of your clients on file. Cyber hackers will steal personal data and payment information to use later — something which will dramatically decrease public trust in your agency once the cyber attack goes public.

3. Competition With Superior IT

When you are working in insurance, it’s essential to always be up to speed with current IT trends. Neglecting to maintain superior IT to your competitor agencies could result in lost business or diminished client satisfaction. If you are struggling with inefficient employee applications or client dashboards, slow loading times on your site, dead links, or outdated software, it’s time to update your IT. Issues like these slow productivity on your team and make your insurance agency appear unprofessional to potential clients.

Hiring a professional IT service to update software, align interfaces, fix site loading speeds, and optimize your IT infrastructure will result in greater client satisfaction and diminished frustration on the part of your agency.

4. IT Mismanagement 

IT mismanagement can take many forms. For example, a disorganized IT infrastructure disrupts productivity and reduces client satisfaction. 

Another area of concern is password organization and employee-access controls. If employees are careless or unqualified to handle important information, this can create a lot of trouble for insurance agencies. Ill-trained employees tend to store passwords on paper or in unsecured locations. This opens the door to data loss and security breaches.

Partnering with a professional IT team can help you identify and correct potential issues that would otherwise lead to IT mismanagement. It may also be wise to have an insurance industry IT consultant come and give a presentation to your agency to emphasize the importance of safe IT practices. 

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Our Unique Approach to IT Issues Faced by Insurance Agencies

Here at Emerald City Solutions, we are committed to professionalism, open communication, and accurate diagnosis. We will never offer vague tech solutions for your insurance agency but will always seek to fully understand your IT problems before suggesting solutions. 

Our short mantra is “problem first, technology second.” This simple rule means that we approach each IT issue with a clean slate and an open mind, which in turn helps us provide you with the highest quality technology services for insurance agencies.

We offer a wide variety of IT support, including: 

  • IT security: This service ensures that you stay secure and keep ahead of hackers and data thieves.
  • Cloud solutions: Our team has developed a secure, state of the art cloud solution with the ability to host applications such as email and backups.
  • Consulting: We want to be the IT team that your agency has on call, and we show our commitment to our clients by offering IT consultations and support 24/7.

Get the IT Help Your Insurance Agency Needs Today

Whether you need help updating your phone system, optimizing your remote-access-applications, or analyzing your IT infrastructure, our team is standing by and ready to help.

To hear more about our IT services, to schedule a consultation, or ask us your IT questions, contact Emerald City Solutions today.

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