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Over the past few years, many industries have experienced a tech transformation, and the chiropractic care industry is no exception.

In order to keep up with competitors, it’s essential to have everything within your chiropractic clinic optimized to create a smooth work model. As a chiropractor, it’s in your best interest to make sure that everything in your digital workspace is organized and optimized to cut down on lost time or mistakes that would be considered unprofessional.

Here at Emerald City Solutions our IT team specializes in helping chiropractors create a business that works like a well-oiled machine. We focus on you and how we can help you improve your business through good, up to date, IT practices.

Unique IT Problems Faced by Chiropractors

Chiropractic clinics are often riddled with IT issues. Due to the advanced nature of their occupation and the number of databases that need to be used, there’s always room for IT improvement.

Here are 6 common IT problems that chiropractors face.

Outdated Software

As technology is ever-evolving so is software. Outdated software means greater database vulnerability, slower loading speeds, and increases your chances of losing important data.

We know that updating software might not be your area of expertise — and that’s why we’re here. Emerald City Solutions has a team of IT professionals who will be able to identify whether your IT problems are stemming from outdated software or another source.

Contact our team to start creating a more efficient workspace today.

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Lagging Payment Processing

The chiropractic care industry is a busy field to work in, with many chiropractors seeing more than 20 patients daily. With this number of patients going through your clinic, it’s essential that you have an efficient payment processing system. When payment systems are down, chiropractors will experience a host of problems, which if they affect clients directly could result in a loss of business.

Maintain your payment processing systems by having IT teams run diagnostics and updates to ensure that you never encounter payment processing issues.

Slow Databases

If you have a slow employee database or patient portal, this is an indicator of an underlying IT issue. This might mean that your database has a bug, which if left unchecked could result in breached security and data loss. By updating, fixing, or purging your database you can rest easy knowing that important information won’t suddenly be wiped from your database and your team can enjoy easier productivity.

Weak Database Security

In a time where the number of cyberattacks is always increasing it’s essential to protect your chiropractic clinic and the sensitive information of your patients from hackers. With the help of IT professionals, you and your staff will become better equipped to handle potential cyber-attacks with reduced risk.

Here at Emerald City Solutions our team of IT professionals can help educate your staff about the importance of good IT practices and security. We can update any database systems that need it and ensure that your chiropractic clinic has strong database security.

Slow WiFi Speeds

Fast, strong WiFi connections are often essential in the workplace. What’s more, chiropractic practitioners shouldn’t pay high sums of money in return for slow WiFi speeds. If you have a spotty WiFi connection that is hindering your staff or aggravating your clients, you should call in an IT team to run a diagnostic as soon as possible.

Medical Interfaces

This is a really tricky aspect of IT support. Many chiropractic clinics use multiple systems to run their business, which creates the need to align all systems so that information is shared between them. This is extremely difficult to do and requires IT professionals to do properly. Emerald City Solution’s team of IT professionals will update, optimize, and connect all systems to ensure that you are able to run your chiropractic care business more efficiently.

Reasons That Your Chiropractic Clinic Needs IT Support

As a professional chiropractor and not someone who frequently troubleshoots IT issues, it’s difficult to identify the exact issue as well as the solution to the problem. This is why it’s necessary to seek IT support. A trained IT team will be able to help you identify what IT challenges your chiropractic clinic is experiencing and provide the best solution for you.

Furthermore, it’s important for your staff to also understand basic IT practices and how small efforts by them can greatly benefit the efficiency and database security of your chiropractic clinic.

Our “Problem First, Technology Second” Solution

Here at Emerald City Solutions, we have a simple mantra which is “problem first, technology second.” This means that our team will seek to thoroughly understand the IT issues that your chiropractic care company is facing before jumping into all of the tech solutions available.

We know that you aren’t looking for band-aids to temporarily mend the issue but rather that you are seeking efficient, long term solutions. We want to help your chiropractic clinic run as it should and are committed to helping you improve your business’s IT knowledge and practices.

Need Help Improving Your Chiropractic Clinic’s IT?

Whether you need IT education for your staff, database updates, system upgrades, or diagnostics run, Emerald City Solutions can help you. Our trained team of IT professionals has worked with those in the chiropractic care industry and knows what it takes to keep your clinic running optimally.

No matter your IT needs or questions, we’d be happy to help. Give Emerald City Solutions a call today to get started taking back your IT.

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