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We Provide Professional IT Consulting Services

Providing thorough and complete IT road maps for small and midsized companies in the WA area.

Small and midsized businesses need to be efficient to be competitive. At Emerald City Solutions, we deal in efficiency. We provide comprehensive IT Consulting services to companies that are looking to leverage their company’s IT into higher degrees of productivity, and ultimately, profitability.

In order to take your business to the next level, you’ll need to cut out the redundancies in process and in cost. The most successful companies will acknowledge the best ways to get the most out of the resources that are available to them. If your company is looking to enhance efficiency, and with it, boost organizational bottom-line profits, consider our professional IT consulting service. We have the knowledge and the expertise necessary to make your technology work best for you.

Professional Technology Consultants.

Our Technicians Are Versed in All Types of Business Technology.

The consultants at Emerald City Solutions are extremely proficient at working with you to find business-minded solutions for any IT-related situation. We will create a customized IT roadmap that incorporates all types of information, such as:

  • Organizational computing requirements
  • Present and future business strategies
  • User needs and opinions
  • Company guidelines and procedures

With this information in hand, our technicians can go to work implementing technology to meet your needs and thereby delivering to your company a complete computer infrastructure that is constructed specifically for your business. Our consulting services don’t stop there. We provide ongoing consultations to ensure that your technology is meeting all of you and your staff’s business needs.

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Flexible Solutions That Grow When You Do

We Take Into Account Where You Are Going, Not Just Where You Are.

Improve the speed in which tasks get done by implementing technology enhancements. You can bring automation to many aspects of your business, and get more done, from more places, anytime; you just have to know where to start. Our consultants have knowledge of how to put together a solid IT infrastructure and are well versed in industry best practices. At Emerald City Solutions, we are known as the top managed services provider in the WA area and our IT solutions allow you to leverage your technology in a way that improved process and provides superior efficiency. Take your business above and beyond with Emerald City Solutions.

For more information about how the IT professionals at Emerald City Solutions can help make technology work for you, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT support?

The variety of services offered to people or businesses to help with their information technology needs is referred to as IT support. It includes fixing technical problems with hardware, software, networks, and other IT-related difficulties as well as delivering advice and solutions. Professionals in IT support help via a variety of channels, including phone, email, and on-site visits. IT support is to guarantee the efficient running of technological systems, swiftly addresses technical difficulties, and gives users the knowledge and assistance they need to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

What is an IT support specialist?

An IT support specialist is a professional who assists people or organizations with their information technology needs on a technical level. They are highly knowledgeable in hardware, software, networks, and computer systems. IT support professionals identify and fix technical problems, install, and configure software and hardware, help with network troubleshooting, and give users instructions and training. They may operate internally for a business or as a team within an IT service provider, providing knowledge and support to guarantee efficient IT operations and customer satisfaction.

What is remote IT support?

The term “remote IT support” describes the provision of technical help and problem-solving for computer networks, hardware, software, and system difficulties without being physically present at the place. It entails connecting to the user’s computer or network using remote access solutions like virtual private networks (VPNs) or remote desktop software. To save time and minimize disturbances to the user’s working environment, remote IT support professionals may diagnose and fix problems, install software updates, modify settings, and give instructions to users from a remote location.

What is included in IT support?

A variety of services are often included in IT support to meet different technological demands. This may entail fixing hardware and software problems, analyzing network difficulties, aiding with system setups, giving advice on how to use software, and providing technical knowledge and counsel. Additionally, IT assistance may include monitoring user accounts, upholding security protocols, performing data backups, and offering training to help users become more tech-savvy. Depending on the requirements of the company or individuals getting the help, the precise scope of IT support may change.

What is the difference between IT service and IT support?

IT service and IT support differ significantly from one another in terms of their scope and emphasis. IT services provide a wider variety of products and services, including the strategic design, implementation, and administration of technological solutions to achieve organizational goals. On the other hand, IT support focuses exclusively on the delivery of technical support, problem-solving, and troubleshooting to handle urgent technology-related issues or user demands. While IT services take a more all-encompassing approach, IT support is primarily concerned with solving current technological problems and offering user help.

What are the benefits of IT support services?

IT support services assist both people and businesses in several ways. They give prompt technical support, minimizing downtime and productivity hiccups. IT support professionals are skilled in troubleshooting and problem-solving, ensuring quick fixes for tech-related issues. IT support services provide proactive monitoring and routine maintenance to assist stop problems before they get out of hand. Additionally, users may receive direction, instruction, and advice from IT support services, which can help them become more tech-savvy and make the most use of their technological resources. Overall, IT support services enhance user experience, maximize technological performance, and contribute to the efficient running of IT systems.

What is the purpose of IT services?

The purpose of IT services is to efficiently manage and support people or organizations technological demands. IT services strive to optimize IT infrastructure and operations, increase overall efficiency and productivity, and match technological solutions with business objectives. They provide a broad spectrum of services, such as strategy planning, execution, maintenance, and support. The goal is to employ technology to facilitate smooth operations in the digital age, enhance user experiences, secure data, and promote corporate development.

Which of the following would be a reason a company would outsource their IT support?

A business could decide to outsource its IT assistance to gain access to specialist knowledge and resources. Through outsourcing, businesses may access a committed team of IT specialists with a diverse set of abilities. Compared to employing and keeping an internal IT team, it may be more affordable. Additionally, outsourcing IT support may provide companies access to cutting-edge technology, better service standards, and scalability, letting them concentrate on their core competencies while depending on outside professionals for effective and dependable IT assistance.

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