IT Security Services In Seattle

Looking for a reliable IT security service in Seattle?

At Emerald City Solutions, we’ve made it our mission to provide superior IT security solutions for Seattle businesses.

We understand the vital role that computer security plays in terms of productivity and peace of mind and we want to be the ones to provide you with the best security technology for your needs.

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IT security Seattle


Comprehensive IT Security Seattle

Emerald City Solutions is proud to provide a comprehensive solution to help businesses improve their company computer security.

Our Cyber Security Pro package offers a comprehensive IT security solution loaded with benefits to make incorporating it into your business simpler and easier for all team members to understand.

Some of the main features of our Cyber Security Pro package include:

  • Education. Our IT specialists will train your team members to understand the importance of IT hygiene and computer security.
  • Solution development. Our Cyber Security Pro package comes with the assurance that when new cyber threats arise they will be met with strategic solutions that are developed to address the specific problem.
  • Threat detection and response. Our IT security package is equipped with multi-layered threat detection and quick intuitive response capabilities.


Computer Security Solution

Unified Threat Management (or UTM) is Emerald City Solutions’ all-in-one computer security package.

With UTM, business owners can manage their company’s IT security and network security on a single platform — saving them time and ensuring that no important details related to their IT system and security are overlooked.

Some of the benefits of Emerald City Solutions’ UTM computer security solution include:

  • Increased team productivity. UTM helps to control content and ensure that your team members are being maximally productive and not wasting valuable work hours getting distracted by social media or the news.
  • Greater computer security. UTM also provides you with the assurance of greater IT system security by making sure that software is always up-to-date.


Information Technology Security Filter

Information technology security is vitally important to keep your company data safe — not only from outside attacks but also from internal leaks.

While internet access can be one of the greatest tools available to employees, it can also be one of the biggest detriments to productivity. When left totally unregulated, team members may use their company network and computers for non-work-related research or social-media browsing.

To ensure that your team members are being maximally productive and only using their computers for approved, work-related activities, a content filtering system should be used.

Not only will a content filtering system ensure that your employees are being productive, it will also decrease the likelihood of internal threats/leaks that your company may be exposed to due to employees browsing unsafe websites.

Contact Emerald City Solutions to learn more about our content filtering package and how it can help your team.


IT Security Services In Seattle

If you are ready to prioritize IT security for your Seattle company, give Emerald City Solutions a call today.

Our computer security specialists would be happy to discuss your company’s IT security needs and help you find the best solution for your organization.

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