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It’s almost impossible to run a small or medium-sized business without having some form of IT infrastructure. Whether you rely on platforms to manage your payroll or communication tools to facilitate productivity, having the right IT systems can make or break your business. 

Unfortunately, maintaining your business IT infrastructure is expensive, time-consuming, and requires expertise and experience. Working with a managed IT services provider, instead, can help you focus on the vital task of running your business without having to worry about hiring and managing an in-house IT staff.

What We Do

At Emerald City Solutions, we are a dedicated managed IT support services company. We understand that every company faces unique challenges, which is why we provide bespoke services to match your needs. 

Our managed IT services strategy relies on three main pillars: 

  • Assessment: We’ll identify your unique IT challenges and current business situation.
  • Strategy: We’ll develop a strategy to best help you overcome your IT challenges and take your business to the next level.
  • Implementation: We’ll work with your business to implement your IT plan and always be available to help with troubleshooting or other concerns. 

Advantages of a Managed IT Services Provider

If you’ve previously handled your IT systems on your own or want to start an in-house IT department, you may be skeptical about working with a third-party provider. Why spend money on something that you can do yourself? 

At Emerald City Solutions, we believe that providing managed IT services for small business is about complementing your existing IT infrastructure instead of replacing it completely. 

A third-party provider will have plenty of experience with many different sectors and industries and will be on top of any current IT concerns. This expertise allows us to provide leadership and strategic direction that will work for your current business situation. 

IT systems are becoming increasingly complex, especially as concerns around security continue to grow. A managed IT services company can effectively implement and manage these more complex tasks. Whether you need to implement new security protocols or set up new servers or cloud services, having an experienced team is invaluable. 

Routine updates and IT housekeeping tasks are vital to the effective functioning of an IT network, but they are also surprisingly time-consuming. By letting a third-party provider handle any support and routine IT tasks, your team can focus on improving efficiency and expanding your IT infrastructure.

Managed IT Services That We Provide

At Emerald City Solutions, we aim to provide either complete or supplementary IT services, depending on your needs. We tailor a suite of IT managed services that are relevant for your business and can adapt these services as your needs change. 

Some of the services we provide include: 

  • IT support: We offer initial customized IT infrastructure plans, ongoing consultation services, and technology enhancement options to keep your business running smoothly, now and in the future.
  • Network management: Your IT network is the backbone of your business. We can help you optimize your existing network and provide support and remote monitoring to ensure your network’s effectiveness and security.
  • Cloud solutions: Whether you’re looking for a specific hosted platform or a full-scale hosted IT infrastructure, we can help you develop a migration and implementation plan and provide continuing support as necessary.

Why Partner with Us?

Once you understand what managed IT services are and their advantages for your company, the next step is finding the right provider. You can find hundreds of managed IT services companies around, so we’ve had to work hard to make our company stand out from the crowd. 

We believe in building relationships with our clients and providing the services you need when you need them. Our strategy of continuous assessment means that you’ll always be ahead of the curve, while our experienced team of IT professionals is on hand for any managed IT security services you need.

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