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Most small businesses start out without a dedicated IT plan, which can lead to insecure networks, non-optimized computers, and out-of-date platforms and systems.

Setting up a dedicated in-house IT team is time-consuming and expensive, especially if you want to install your own network infrastructure as well.

Instead of allowing your IT concerns to hold you back, why not work with a managed IT services Lynnwood provider instead?

At Emerald City Solutions, we’re a local family-owned business that specializes in providing managed IT services. Call us today to let us know how we can assist you.


Managed Services by a Leading Provider

At Emerald City Solutions, we provide managed IT services to a wide range of companies in various sectors and industries. Our process of assessment, strategy, and implementation means that we can tailor your IT solutions to both serve your current and expanding business needs.

We start any relationship with a thorough assessment of your current IT situation and provide strategies to fill in any gaps or shortfalls. We also manage the implementation, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to customers, your operations or data.


Advantages of a Managed IT Services Provider

Many small and medium-sized companies are outsourcing their IT managed services due to the advantages of working with a third-party company.

A managed IT services provider has the experience to provide you with leadership and strategic direction regarding your business’s IT infrastructure. This guidance can help you avoid common IT pitfalls and will ensure that you make the right choices regarding infrastructure, security, and cloud platform services.

IT systems are becoming increasingly complex , so it can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments. Having managed IT security services means that you don’t need to worry about data breaches or security gaps, while managed IT support services will handle your complex network and cloud services integration concerns.

IT networks require a lot of maintenance and upkeep that is time-consuming and costly to run. A third-party provider has the resources to provide routine hands-on and remote IT support services to keep your systems secure and operational. Instead of spending their days installing updates, your IT team (if you have one) can focus on larger, more often mission critical tasks while we handle the routine chores.


Managed IT Services & Cloud Services We Provide

At Emerald City Solutions, we provide services that are useful to small and medium-sized businesses looking to thrive.

Offering extensive security services to give you peace of mind, we can work with any security professionals already established in your company—or provide a fully-managed solution and save you the expense of salaries, benefits, and office space for an in-house team.


We also provide traditional IT services, including:


Map IT Managed Services

Whether you need a customized IT infrastructure plan or ongoing consultations regarding your IT systems, we provide support and expertise for any technology-related concerns you may have. We map IT-managed services to the individual needs of each company.


Network management

Many businesses struggle with slow or insecure networks that can negatively affect employees and business performance. We provide ways to optimize or expand your infrastructure as well as provide remote monitoring to ensure that your network remains safe and secure.


Cloud solutions

Taking your current IT systems to the cloud can increase efficiency and productivity for organizations, but it will also require expert support. From implementation and migration to ongoing support, we’ll make sure that your cloud services perform optimally.


Why do Our Clients Partner With Us For Managed Services?

Finding the right managed services for your small business can be a challenge. Many providers offer one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t take your unique circumstances or budget into account.

We offer an all-inclusive service to each company with a focus on managed services that cater to your unique needs.


Hands-On IT Managed Service Provider in Seattle Metropolitan Area

At Emerald City Solutions, we believe in forming strong relationships with our clients and their businesses and industry.

We get to understand your business, which helps us develop tailored solutions that will continue to adapt to your future needs.

Did you realize that your IT system can hold your business back?

In contrast, with IT-managed services from Emerald City Solutions, we can help organizations flourish.

Our expert team will always be available to address your technology concerns, and we’re always looking for ways to optimize your exciting technology to handle new challenges.


Work with Us at Emerald City Solutions in Lynnwood, WA, Today

Your IT system is an essential component of your business, and it needs attention and care to perform optimally.

Our technology consulting and disaster recovery managed services including technical support provide reliable support services with a proactive approach to each company that we serve.

If you want more information on what managed IT services are or want to get started with your managed services at predictable costs, contact us at Emerald City Solutions at (206) 531-0153 or contact us online today!

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