Lynnwood IT Security Services

Almost any device is vulnerable to attack, whether it’s your home’s smart lighting system or your corporate server. Threats and vulnerabilities are constantly shifting, leading to increasingly complex security needs that can be challenging to manage, especially for growing businesses.

You need a security partner that you can trust. At Emerald City Solutions, we can handle all of your IT security services, letting you focus on the essential aspects of running your business.

Comprehensive IT Security in Lynnwood, WA

Managed IT security services encompass a wide range of specialties, from threat detection to managing and recovering data after an attack. As the premier Lynnwood IT security services provider, our team at Emerald City Solutions offers a bespoke information technology security strategy tailored to your organization’s needs.


Typically, the weakest point of any IT defense is the user. Education is the key to preventing successful phishing attacks, as well as ensuring that your network remains secure with complex passwords that differ for every website.

At Emerald City Solutions, we offer comprehensive training for all of your staff, allowing them to detect common types of phishing, malware, and password hacking attempts. The more well-equipped and knowledgeable your users, the safer your network will remain.

Threat Detection

Threat detection allows us to detect a potential attack before it escalates or succeeds. Improved visibility and next-generation anti-virus software help stop attacks in their tracks and allow for a stronger defense against ever-shifting threats.

Solution Development

We view each business individually and offer the right IT-managed security services to fit your organizational requirements. Our IT security consulting services will evaluate every aspect of your company’s IT infrastructure and develop solutions for prevention, threat detection, and recovery.

Regardless of your business or security needs, we’ll offer the best IT-security managed services specifically designed to protect your network.

Computer Security Solution

Unified threat management (UTM) is a single security solution that offers multiple functions. A UTM platform will often include:

  • Antivirus software
  • Network firewalls
  • Attack detection and prevention
  • Anti-spyware and anti-malware
  • Content filtering
  • Spam filtering

One of the biggest benefits of a UTM security services IT solution is that it’s easier to manage. Instead of maintaining several programs with irregular update schedules, a UTM provides a single point that’s faster to update and simpler to manage on a large network.

Blended threats that use several types of attacks are becoming increasingly common. Simply having a firewall or antivirus isn’t enough to counter these threats, and a more unified approach is necessary. And that’s where our UTM solution shines.

Information Technology Security Filter

Security filters allow managers to block certain email addresses and websites, preventing any network user from accessing this content without permission.

Web content and email filtering can help reduce the incidence of user error that might lead to cyber attacks. These filters help remove dangerous spam emails before the user even sees them, making your organization less vulnerable to phishing and malware attacks.

An added benefit of our managed IT-security services filter is that it promotes productivity. The filter allows managers to block certain sites, restricting access to adult or inappropriate content during work hours. Since employees don’t get distracted by Facebook or Pinterest, they’re more likely to focus on their work.

Having a dedicated security filter offers a whole host of benefits to employees and employers alike. Why risk organizational scandals, decreased productivity, and an increased chance of malware attacks when the solution is readily available?

IT Security Services in Lynnwood

Emerald City Solutions has helped hundreds of clients protect their data and network from unexpected cyberattacks. We understand the constantly shifting security landscape and work to maintain our reputation as Lynnwood’s best IT-security services company.

If you’re still wondering about the “best IT services near me,” get in touch with our team at Emerald City Solutions at (206) 340-1616 today. Whether you’re looking for a once-off assessment of your IT infrastructure or want comprehensive managed IT-security services, we’re here to help protect your Lynnwood-based network and information from devious intruders.

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