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Not every bit of your data belongs on your server. Your site and network can easily become overloaded if you process all of your data just through your server. Instead, consider your available cloud solutions in Marysville, WA. Cloud storage solutions can help unload your server, quickly process transactions, backup data to the cloud, and improve speed and functionality for site visitors.

For more information about your cloud computing solutions in Marysville and the greater Seattle area, contact us at Emerald City Solutions. We offer several cloud-based solutions for many of your business processes.

The Different Types of Cloud Deployment Explained

Cloud-based solutions come in several different types of deployment, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Your business might only need one type of cloud computing platform or could benefit from implementing multiple deployments for cloud-based computing solutions.

Public Cloud

You can purchase a certain amount of cloud storage space through a third-party provider, effectively renting space on the cloud platform from the cloud platform owner. This model offers flexibility in allowing you to purchase a larger capacity of storage space if your needs suddenly change and you need additional cloud computing capabilities.

Private Cloud

With private cloud solutions, you can secure your data within your company’s section of the cloud using firewalls and other data protection measures. Private cloud solutions work well for businesses that require secure computing solutions for their data, including companies that deal with security clearance or patient information.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud solutions combine elements of the public and private cloud platforms to balance usage with cost. You can use private cloud computing to run essential functions of your site and network operations while allocating secondary and less-important functions to the public cloud, which is less expensive than private cloud solutions. By dividing your cloud-based solutions, you can save on costs.

Community Cloud

The community cloud allows members of the same organization to share cloud storage and security. While the cost of community cloud services is more affordable, it can lead to data security issues if an employee gets caught in a phishing scam or hacking attack. If a data breach occurs through one weak point in the network, it can make your business more susceptible to a data breach.

Business Cloud Solutions in Marysville

Cloud backup solutions for small business, medium-sized business, and large business come in several available options. Many options include cloud security solutions with the choices of cloud backup solutions. Our cloud solutions in Marysville include:

Web-Based Services

Instead of committing to a single service software or network, you can use an assortment of web-based apps to provide a host of services for your business. These apps can integrate with different aspects of your operations using different programming and security languages, like UDDI, Java, XML, and other standards.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If you wonder which of the following cloud computing solutions will deliver software applications to you whenever you need them, look no further than SaaS. SaaS is a subscription-based software solution that manages your operating systems, infrastructure, data, and middleware. It is one of the ideal cloud backup solutions for small business owners since it enables operations to run quickly and cost-effectively.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows businesses to buy virtual resources for storage and cloud backup solutions. Instead of purchasing expensive and delicate hardware to store data on-site, businesses can opt for IaaS services for scalable resource management of data and applications. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from off-site storage that meets their needs.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows business app and web developers access to digital tools to build applications tailored to their business needs. PaaS users largely use these functions to build SaaS applications. If your business develops apps or software, PaaS could be the best cloud solution for you

Our Cloud Solutions

At Emerald City Solutions, we offer several cloud solutions in Marysville for businesses of all sizes. We can outsource much of your data processing and network management to cloud-based computing.

Cloud Migration—Purpose and Types

We can move your current business computing processes to the cloud, including:

  1. Lift and shift (rehosting). We can lift your current site from your host platform to migrate to the cloud.
  2. Shift to SaaS. We will migrate basic computing functions like email or payroll to the cloud one app at a time.
  3. Application refactoring. We can rebuild and optimize your apps for the cloud.
  4. Replatforming. We can build a new site and organizational IT structure entirely on the cloud.

Email Hosting—Why Is This Critical for Your Business to Function Properly?

Cloud-based email hosting can help to protect your systems from spam, phishing attempts, accidental deletions, and more with automatic archiving, spam filtering, and data protection.

Dedicated Server Hosting—Eliminating Hardware and Utility Expenses

We offer our own IaaS solution for remote server hosting on a dedicated server that we manage. You’ll spend less on equipment, maintenance, and energy bills.

Desktop Hosting—Increase Mobility and Cyber Security

No matter where your employees work, whether in the office or from home, we can offer secure access solutions with desktop hosting through the cloud.

Hardware Virtualization—Technology and Process

We provide access to virtual machines with our own PaaS system to allow users to share resources between devices and only access the tools and software they need to perform their tasks without unnecessary software bloat.

Is Your Network Already Secured? Let Us Test Your Cloud Security Solutions!

If you think your current cloud-based solutions are suitable for your business and are secure against external and internal threats, we can test your defenses and network speeds to determine if your system could benefit from any of our available improvements.

At Emerald City Solutions, we’re family-owned and -operated, proudly serving our neighbors in the greater Seattle area since 2011. Call us today or contact us online to discuss available cloud solutions in Marysville, WA.

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