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Maintaining your business’ entire IT infrastructure on-site is not only unwieldy as your data continues to grow; it is also costly and potentially leaves your data vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Instead of risking your data, delegate your data storage and computing power to our secure data center at Emerald City Solutions. We provide cloud solutions in Everett that minimize your IT infrastructure costs and enhance your business’ efficiency by improving your applications’ response times and taking care of maintenance.

Types of Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployment technology is the foundation for cloud-based solutions. This technology places your application code, data storage, and servers into the cloud computing environment. Depending on your business’ size and needs, you can choose from one or more cloud computing models.

Public Cloud

In the public cloud, your cloud computing service belongs to a third-party provider. Your business is the tenant renting out space for data storage. The public cloud offers the flexibility to pay for more capacity as you need it. If your website suddenly goes viral with heavy traffic, you can reinforce your infrastructure to handle the influx.

Private Cloud

Private cloud solutions are ideal for businesses with tight security clearances. You can secure your data behind a firewall and retain responsibility for your infrastructure and software.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud solutions are private clouds working together with public clouds to handle capacity needs without purchasing other infrastructure. Utilize this cloud storage solution if you want your private cloud to run most of your applications while outsourcing any non-critical applications to a more affordable public cloud.

Community Cloud

Organizations within the same industry with nearly identical performance requirements share a community cloud. While the collaboration comes at lower costs, it can also lead to data breaches.

Cloud Computing Business Solutions

Cloud-computing providers present their services in different models. These cloud computing solutions have various customizations and applications dependent on your business needs.

Web-Based Services

With web-based services, you can work with multiple providers and select the individual services you implement.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If you wonder which of the following cloud computing solutions will deliver software applications to you whenever you need them, look no further than SaaS. SaaS is a subscription-based software solution that manages your operating systems, infrastructure, data, and middleware. It is one of the ideal cloud backup solutions for small business owners since it enables operations to run quickly and cost-effectively.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Only pay for the infrastructure you use with IaaS. IaaS rents out access to business necessities such as computers, networks, and data storage but leaves the building to you.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

PaaS provides a framework for businesses to build and deploy applications while removing the burden of maintaining the underlying cloud infrastructure. It is a more specialized upgrade to IaaS, providing data management systems and development tools on top of managing the infrastructure.

Our Cloud Solutions in Everett

Emerald City Solutions offers different cloud solutions in Everett to fit your business needs. Promote the productivity of your business by outsourcing your applications, computer networks, and data storage to our cloud computing framework.

cloud migration

Cloud Migration – Purpose and Types

Cloud migration services include:

  •     Planning your data’s migration
  •     Strategizing which cloud environment is suitable for your business
  •     Moving your data center capabilities into the cloud in the safest manner possible

The four types of cloud migration to choose from are:

    1. Lift and shift or rehosting: Lift your current environment from your on-site hosting platform as-is and move it to the cloud.
    2. Shift to SaaS: Outsource routine functions, such as email management, on an application-by-application basis.
    3. Application Refactoring: Rebuild your applications for the most up-to-date coding and faster running time in the cloud environment.
    4. Replatforming: Entirely replace your application from the code level to make it native to the cloud.

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email hosting cloud solutions

Email Hosting – Why Is This Critical For Your Business to Function Properly?

Managing large mailboxes, accurately filtering emails, organizing the email archives, and being constantly guarding against hackers is a full-time job on its own. For your business to function optimally, you need to invest in email hosting.

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dedicated server hosting services

Dedicated Server Hosting – Eliminating Hardware and Utility Expenses

You do not need to set aside space in your office or budget for hardware or utility expenses if you host your server on the cloud. Dedicated server hosting means investing in an off-site physical server that is reserved only for your business.

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desktop hosting

Desktop Hosting – Increase Mobility and Cyber Security

With work from home jobs on the rise, increased mobility is essential for business. Desktop hosting allows your employees to securely access work files and applications through the cloud wherever they work.

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hardware visualization

Hardware Virtualization – Technology and Process

Hardware virtualization uses software to construct a layer on top of the hardware. Using virtual machines, like hypervisors, you can divide computing resources across many machines. These virtual machines allow cloud users to purchase the computing resources they need without any expensive add-ons.

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Is Your Network Already Secured?

As your business grows, you need to find ways to manage large data and save your employees from IT maintenance’s busy work. By using IT cloud solutions Everett, you can run your business, gain the benefits of cloud security solutions, and remain wholly unbothered by IT snags.

Emerald City Solutions is a decade-old family-owned business that proudly provides quality solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Call (206) 340-1616 to see how our secure cloud solutions can significantly improve your business plan today.

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