Phone System for Small Businesses

phone systems for small business

As a small business owner, your hands are full. You’re responsible for the vision, growth, and direction of your company. Ultimately, you’re in charge of quality control and customer satisfaction. On top of that, you must worry about your cash flow and finances. Ease it with phone systems for small businesses.

Investing into a digital phone system is one way to save money and optimize your phone calls. Many business owners attempt to piece together a system with multiple platforms and suppliers to reduce costs. However, almost always, this decision results in headaches and complicated systems.

At Emerald City Solutions, we provide an all-equipped phone system for small businesses. With our help, your setup streamlines your phone calls to increase overall business efficiency. Specifically, our phone system allows you to monitor calls, protect client privacy, have remote workers, track phone call conversions, and more.

Learn more about the benefits of the Emerald City Solutions phone system for small businesses. Contact us to begin the process of creating one for yourself.


Save Money

Installing a traditional phone system with multiple extensions and physical landline devices are costly. With every addition to your team, you spend more to run new wires and set up new phones. Such expenses accumulate quickly and disallow flexibility for remote work.

Cash flow is one of the biggest struggles of new businesses. It’s difficult to balance the needed working capital with overwhelming startup costs. To be a successful small business, you must find ways to keep your bank account flush.

Emerald City Solutions offers office phone systems for small businesses without upfront costs. You pay an affordable monthly service fee without tying working capital to expensive equipment. In addition to saving money over time, your funds are flexible for other unprecedented issues.


Mobile-Twinning Makes Remote Work Easy

As technology advances, a work from home setting is made easier. Remote employees reduce the need for office space, furniture, and materials. Thus, distance workers save expenses.

The challenge arises in answering the phones. Forwarding calls to personal cell phones create privacy issues or an inability to take time off work. Emerald City Solutions’ digital phone systems for small businesses, eliminate these problems through mobile-twinning.

Mobile-twinning essentially clones a work line onto a personal cell phone, whilst remaining separate. Through this system, you and your employees can select when calls go through or when they are directed to the company voicemail. Additionally, as the business owner, you control when employees make calls and attain information during these calls.


Voicemail-to-Email and Text Options Increase Efficiency

Even the most efficient small business cannot answer every single phone call, and that is okay — it’s impossible to be available 24/7. Although, you must have the required information and the best response when calling your customer back after a missed call.

The automated phone systems for small businesses send transcriptions of voicemails through email, text or both. Through this, logging into your voicemail and listening to the entire message is avoided. You will have the information you need at your fingertips to craft a response prior to returning the phone call. Furthermore, this certain level of preparation optimizes phone call responses.

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Custom Hold Music and Sales Messages Keep Customers Engaged

Statistics show that humans have a short attention span that further decreases when waiting on hold. Specifically, research shows that customers are likely to hang up after 40 seconds of waiting in silence. In turn, entertaining music and engaging sales messages ensure customer entertainment until you are prepared to take their call.

Coherently, the Emerald City Solutions phone systems for small businesses allow you to select the hold music and record customized messages for your customer’s wait. Simultaneously, the system ensures the prevention of losing crucial sales while you serve other customers or gather necessary information.


Call Recordings and Analysis Help You Succeed

Trusting your employees to optimally represent your business can be a challenge. Similarly, it resembles allowing someone else to destroy the company you’ve worked hard to create and grow. Recording calls create an opportunity to know everything your team says. Successively, you can control the customer service quality and information accuracy.

Furthermore, recording creates an opportunity to analyze what is working and what is not, within your business. Specifically, you can compare call lengths, call receivers, client’s needs, call results, and more. With this, you will create new systems and offerings to best serve your customers.

Along with other features, these recordings and analysis mechanisms make Emerald City Solutions’ options, the best phone system for small businesses.


Emerald City Solutions Supports You Through It All

Affordably and effectively, we are here to boost your small business onto the next level through phone system upgrading. It is our goal to support your business where it is now, and as you grow. In order to accomplish this, we customize our services based on your situation and objectives.

Our customer service agents will place you and your business needs on the right phone system solution. Undoubtedly, every business is unique, and your phone needs should reflect just that. We will ensure that you acquire every feature you need, and none that you don’t need to invest in right now.

At Emerald City Solutions, we understand your limited budget for an IT team. Fortunately, we remain on-call for troubleshooting sudden issues, or learning how to optimally use your new system.

Contact us today to learn more about how Emerald City Solutions can help your small business thrive with an upgraded phone system.


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