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Emerald City Solutions is the number one provider of business phone systems in Lynnwood, WA. Our cellular solutions and wired connections provide high-fidelity international calling, unified conferencing, and accurate caller IDs that traditional phone services can’t match.

We’re the most reliable landline service in the city, offering commercial customers uninterrupted connections even during adverse weather events and satellite signal outages.

We also offer site-wide network support and IT management for midsized companies. Our value proposition ranges from improving download and upload speeds and offering GIG cable services at the most cost-efficient price points. Contact us to know more about what a new business phone system can do for your business.

Key Benefits of Landline Business Phone Systems Lynnwood

Wireless means of communication are becoming a necessity in our everyday lives. However, experts cannot understate the commercial value of getting a landline for even the most tech-reliant business owners. Some people think that getting a landline is a waste of money because of the mass appeal of smartphones, but if you ask experienced managers, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Landlines give a business a more professional feel while keeping costs down. Managers of large enterprises can extend a landline through multiple floors of an office building, allowing different departments to communicate in a unified manner. You can also accomplish this through wireless technology, but the cost of implementation and maintenance would rise rapidly.

Business phone systems allow local enterprises to avoid the fees from connecting to low-orbit satellites for features they don’t need. Most wireless deals come with extra features, such as HD video conferencing and unlimited gigabytes of storage. Most of our customers would rather spend their money on equipment that will grow their business instead of superficial features.

Business phone solutions will improve the productivity of partners and employees as it allows them to make more sales calls and accept service requests without any hassle. A dedicated phone line will let them collaborate more conveniently while working remotely, eliminating wasted time from dropped calls and misunderstandings because of network unavailability.

A small business phone service requires a significantly lower investment than a high-tech solution, and it comes with all the features you can think of with added reliability.

Business Phone Systems & Their Significance to Small Businesses

Most small businesses start with limited office space. They can’t afford to have employees run up and down the stairs or take repeated elevator rides to deliver time-sensitive information throughout the day. Our business phone systems in Lynnwood have an abbreviated dialing feature, which allows a concierge worker to contact any fellow employee by pressing a few buttons.

Most of our clients are small business owners, and we’re intimately familiar with working with razor-thin margins, stretched balance sheets, and sudden changes in management styles. In-person conference calls and meetings can waste the time of your management personnel, especially if you can do them over a secure line.

Our business phone systems in Lynnwood are the most secure and reliable in the industry. We ensure hundreds of meetings go smoothly every day, with no dropped calls, lagging, or other connection issues. Our connection bridges can accommodate numerous callers simultaneously, optimizing project collaboration and exchanging ideas.

Many budding businesses want their customers to contact them exclusively through email as a cost-saving measure, but it usually ends up causing them more trouble than it’s worth. Our business phone solutions have a caller ID blocking feature that lets you and your employees block prank callers or overeager clients who might be contacting you outside of business hours.

Emerald City Solutions: Trusted IT Services Provider in Lynnwood

Every year, many local entrepreneurs look for reliable business phone systems in Lynnwood that are not a hassle to upgrade and can minimize their overhead expenses.

At Emerald City Solutions, we’re experts at providing feature-rich and highly secure small business phone services that will optimize the productivity of your sales team, in-office staff, and customer helplines. You can easily upgrade our solutions to scale as your company grows.

Our unrivaled flexibility helps us stand behind our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which we offer to all clients no matter the size of their business.

Call Emerald City Solutions today at 206-456-4436 and receive a free consultation for business phone systems in Lynnwood, WA.

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