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If you want your company to progress, optimize productivity, transfer calls easier, and connect to conference calls faster, it is time to consider a viable solution from Emerald City Solutions.

With business phone systems in Bellevue, company owners can ease their workload and make communication between employees, customers, or partners easier. 

business phone systems

Business Phone Systems

In technical terms, the idea behind business phone solutions in Bellevue is to be a medium between the company’s external and internal communication network. Business phone systems can route calls to multiple departments or handsets in the office, which is perfect for a company with numerous employees. 

The Benefits of Business Phone Systems 

Hosted small business phone service in Bellevue has many benefits for local companies. One of the reasons why company owners decide to invest in a business phone in Bellevue, WA, is to avoid buying expensive equipment. It is a perfect option for small businesses on a limited budget. 

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider business phone services in Bellevue.

Save Time and Money 

With traditional phone lines or system solutions, monthly fees can affect your company’s budget and become a significant financial burden. Cutting down on telephone fees allows you to invest your resources into other aspects of your company that encourage business growth and expansion. 

One-Stop Shop With All the Features 

Without a phone service for business in Bellevue, your company will require separate phone lines, which are complex and expensive. However, by investing in quality business phone systems, you will simplify the communication between your workers and ease the pressure. All employees will use the same phone line to communicate with one another or customers. 

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere 

These phone systems allow direct call transfers, meaning you’ll avoid miscommunications and long-hold placements. Once you install a business phone system, employees can transfer calls quickly and easily with a single button. 

Project a Professional Image 

With our business phone systems, your employees will complete more calls, address more issues, and conclude more sales, which positively impacts your company’s image and profitability. 

Keep Your Information Private 

If you want to present your business as a professional entity, you have to show your partners and clients that you can protect sensitive data. Through these modern phone system solutions, company owners and managers can keep information private and ensure there are no security violations. 

Business Phone System Features 

Multiple Lines

With our phone services for your business, you can share multiple phone lines and provide better customer service for your employees and customers. 


You will benefit from auto-attendant features, including a professional greeting, voicemail to email, or call routing to cell phones. 

Visual Voicemail

Having your voicemail sent to your email increases efficiency. Visual voicemail is one of the many features you’ll benefit from when implementing a business phone system. 

Conference Calls 

Thanks to modern business phone systems, you can set up conference calls quickly and easily. 

Call Forwarding 

Forwarding a call with business phone systems is simple. With one click, you can quickly forward the call to the department or individual. 

On-Hold Messages

With the on-hold message feature, you will avoid losing callers and potential customers. 

Handset Support 

You can count on professional handset support, especially if you need assistance setting up a new device, want advice, or have an issue.

Why Choose Us?

At Emerald City Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, high-quality services. You can trust us to install business phone systems in Bellevue for companies of all sizes. In addition, we offer the latest solutions in communication technologies to ensure your business adheres to the highest standards. 

Emerald City Solutions: Trusted IT Service Provider in Bellevue 

If you want to partner with the best IT service provider for business phone systems in Bellevue, consider Emerald City Solutions. Call 206-785-7828 to get professional and reliable solutions at competitive prices. 

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