Business Phone Systems

Are you considering the investment in business phone systems for your company? Know the benefits to dictate a verdict.

With its numerous advantages, this smart investment paves the way for higher productivity, organization, and profitability. After reading this article, you will understand how business phone systems aid all businesses of all sizes.

Top-tier business phone systems provide features of call transfer, outgoing caller ID, low-cost conference calls, and abbreviated dialing. Some do range at high-cost; continue reading to learn about the returns.


What are Business Phone Systems and What are their Benefits?

These systems utilize phones in an interconnected manner. On the other hand, the size of the phone system depends on the business needs — from several phones in a single room, to hundreds of phones throughout a large building.

The system can be used over a Public Switched Telephone Network or through the internet. In addition, the option of hosted phone systems solutions allow the business to avoid investing into costly equipment to start up. This is perfect for small businesses on a budget that prefer to learn the benefits prior.


Business Phone Systems Reduce Monthly Fees

Perhaps saving expenses on uncontrollable colossal phone-related fees is a priority. Phone systems provide functions like, voice messaging without extra charges. However, with traditional phone lines, there are monthly fees. Such costs can total to significant figures when using separate phone lines for a considerable fleet of office employees.

Minimizing monthly fees allows you to invest your savings into other critical equipment that allows business growth. Additionally, the business phone system cost partially pays for itself with your anticipated savings. Though, the amount of savings depends on your business’ phone needs and the number of employees.

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Business Phone Systems Offer Abbreviated Dialing

Employees waste time walking through the office to communicate without a phone system — deteriorating efficiency and adding congestion to busy office floors. Although, with abbreviated dialing, employees have instant communication through the press of 3 to 4 digits. It is efficiency in communication that leads to higher productivity.


You Can Share Phone Lines

Without a phone system, separate phone lines are required; using outdated, traditional systems add unnecessary cost and complexity. With a new business phone system, all employees use the same phone line for communication. Each employee needs separate extensions, instead of separate lines — grow your workforce through numerous extensions.

With an outsider calling, they will press the extension after dialing the base number. Though, if extensions are hidden, the secretary will patch clients through to the correct company individual.


Business Phone Systems Help Increase Profitability

Higher profitability is made possible through the lower overhead. Through substantial calls per month, the savings increase. Furthermore, employee productivity increases as they complete more calls per day, meaning more sales per day or other key performance needs. Optimizing communication innately lessens wasted time on task collaboration.

Viewing and analyzing bottom-line numbers justify the investment into business phone systems. Moreover, your employees receive the right message: your business is a professional entity, thriving in the right investments.


Transfer Calls Easier

Amateur-like scenarios, where clients witness, “Carol, pick up on line 3,” as you place them on hold, are eliminated with direct call transfer. Business phone systems allow employees to transfer calls through a single button. Further, when a person is unavailable, transferring calls to a voice mailbox is an option. Such features are not possible with outdated landline business phone systems.


Simple Outgoing Caller ID

In order to optimize branding, consistent client brand exposure is crucial. Setting a standard amplifies business professionalism.


Conference Calls

Conference calls are an essential part of the daily functions of a healthy business. Continuously attending meeting rooms to address small issues can be a waste of time; a 5-minute call achieves the same as a 30-minute meeting. Through modern phone systems, the conference bridge saves money with project collaboration. Furthermore, setting up 3-way calls on a system is simple.


Have All the Features in One Place

Yes, you may patch several features with different services, but why settle for inefficiency?

Should a problem occur, you need to contact various customer service departments — a time-consuming, hassle ordeal.

Phone systems combine these features for effective use to meet business goals. For example, direct voice messages and call transfers through phone systems are possible for small businesses. To best serve your business’ first call system, our services will help you install all the features correctly.


Work from Any Location

In the modern world, work can take you anywhere globally. You may need to complete projects from other countries or at your kitchen table. For small businesses, modern office phone systems allow constant connection to a centralized system when working remotely. With call forwarding, employees can stay connected to ensure productivity.

Clients will appreciate the ability to contact specific employees. Such consistency from a buyer’s point of view, can increase conversion chances.


Keep Information Private

Clients may find satisfaction with access to phone information, but that may simultaneously serve as a problem. As an employee, you would not want clients contacting you anytime, day or night. Fortunately, call systems permit employee privacy with caller ID blocking. In addition, you can forward client messages to a separate list to be activated whenever needed.


Access Shared Resources

For employees to move around the office for different tasks, imagine how time-consuming. Workers can stay connected to the system regardless of their location. With voice message sharing, employees can access help faster for effective task completion.


Easy Expansion

Telephone systems are easy to upgrade; therefore, small businesses can invest and add additional nodes as their company grows. You only have to pay for your used resources, and short-notice upgrades are the flexibility needed to minimize overheads.


Reduce Paper Waste

With upgraded communications, limited paper use saves expenses and takes a step toward corporate social responsibility. If your large company requires tons of paper annually, consider the drastic reduction with modern communication systems.


Advantages of VOIP Telephone Systems

Internet-based telephone systems envision several advantages over traditional systems. Here are the main points to consider:

  • Low cost per call: With Internet-based systems’ IP networks, the data transforms into packets. Internet communication over traditional phone lines induces savings. Traditional lines allow for only a single active call at a time; therefore, the installation of multiple lines increases cost.
  • Mobility: To take a call, you must be in the office for traditional phone systems. VOIP-based systems enable location freedom to anywhere with an internet connection — increasing productivity and travel freedom while working.
  • Increased functionality: VOIP systems integrate with modern devices to increase the range of features and functionality. Increasing the device population and operating systems using IoT (Internet of Things), would require a modern phone system to match.
  • Conference calls: Multiple phone lines are required with traditional systems. To set up conference calls, it takes more resources. However, with VOIP systems, the setup is effortless without separate lines.
  • Improved client interaction: Availability is essential; clients appreciate contacting their specific individual points in a company. Internet-based phone systems allow the very function.
  • Integration with CRM: Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a powerful way to satisfy clients through excellent customer service. Modern phone systems integrate CRM software to automate data from calls. To reduce manual tasks, accessing such information is possible through this software.
  • Cloud-based: Some VOIP systems tap into the cloud that stores information on remote servers. Therefore, updated information can be accessed by all system members. Additionally, the lack of delays means employees gain fast answers without wasting time on collaboration.


Emerald City Solutions Can Help

Emerald City Solutions is dedicated to providing a trustworthy and reliable service. Supported by decades of experience, we know how to install business phone systems for all company sizes. We offer the latest communication technologies to allow businesses to remain competitive within a modern marketplace.

Our company provides the revolutionary Cloud Office Pro Elevate, which carries the latest features a modern company requires. The notable features include a mobile and desktop app, video conferencing, computer screen sharing, remote office, phone options, voicemail, presence indicator, and fax. With the numerous features, you can create an impressive phone system for your employees and clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust you to install business phone systems?

We possess the seal of approval from the Better Business Bureau, along with decades of experience in the industry. Check our social media accounts and review them to see what our satisfied customers think.


What kind of features do your business phone systems provide?

We provide industry-leading functionality that elevates business operations’ efficiency. The features include call transfer, availability, instant messaging, conference calls, desktop sharing, video calling, and online meetings.


Will you help me set up the system?

Yes! Our trained customer service staff will help you get the system up and running. In addition, we carry the experience to advise you on how to install any software and equipment. We generate recommendations based on your business’s current uses.


When will I notice the benefits of the system?

You’ll enjoy the benefits of our business phone systems from day one. Staying connected and organizing your calls makes communication issues a thing of the past. However, if you do have issues with your systems, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you find a resolution.

Will the system work with the software I’m already using?

Our business phone systems are created for excellent integration with many software solutions. However, you should get in touch with us for more information on possible integrations with your specific business.


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Contact Emerald City Solutions for more information about how our business telephone solutions can help your company upgrade communication protocols. We are eager to set you up with a modern system that employees and clients will appreciate. The up-to-date features elevate your business to new heights.


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