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Information Security (InfoSec)

Information security (also called InfoSec) is a broad term that refers to the tools, systems, and procedures that are in place to protect a business’s confidential information from outside influence or theft. 

In the internet age, keeping your company’s information secure is vital. A breach could mean the loss of important data, the theft of sensitive customer information, loss of control over your website, and many other disasters. 

Why Is Information Security Important?

Your company’s information is your most powerful asset. After all, the data you own represents your experience and authority in your industry. If someone were to illegally access your data, you could lose valuable industry information, reducing your company’s value.

What Is Information Security?

InfoSec includes the strategies, policies, and tools that companies put in place to detect, repel, and document threats to their digital and analog information. Information security looks a little different for each business, depending on where their information is stored. 
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Common kinds of Information Security include:

  • Application Security: This involves creating defense systems for web and mobile applications. 
  • Cloud Security: This focuses on securing applications that are hosted in the cloud. If your company is running an application in a shared, third-party cloud environment, cloud security ensures that your data is appropriately isolated and protected.
  • Cryptography: This covers the encrypting of data while it is in transit. For example, encrypting emails.
  • Infrastructure Security: This involves the defense of internal and external data centers, networks, servers, and other technology infrastructure. 
  • Vulnerability Management: This focuses on periodically analyzing your security policies and technology environment for vulnerabilities. Identifying and repairing weak points is one of the most powerful benefits of having an InfoSec team in place. Repairing a vulnerability before a hacker finds it can save your company hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

A Veteran Information Security Firm Near You 

Here at Emerald City Solutions, our team of InfoSec experts has the experience and tools necessary to defend your organization from information attacks. We have a proven record and are constantly training on the latest technology so that we can stay two steps ahead of the hackers. 

To learn what our information security firm can do for you, contact us today. 

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