Nonprofits are using an ever-increasing amount of technology to reach their communities, recruit donors, and organize volunteers. This frequently includes IT applications like financial reporting software, email campaign programs, and wireless system management for a non-profit’s mobile workforce of employees and volunteers.

Despite their advantages, IT systems can become a liability for non-profits. Most organizations are running on a tight budget and don’t have the funds to hire and train an in-house IT department.

Here at Emerald City Solutions, we help businesses overcome their IT problems by offering IT services tailored to meet the unique needs and budgets of each non-profit that we work with.

IT Problems That Nonprofits Struggle With

Because non-profits exist in almost every market and area of society, the IT problems they face are complex and varied.

Fortunately, here at Emerald City Solutions, we have spent decades providing IT support to nearly every industry and market — which means that whatever problem your nonprofit is facing, it’s almost guaranteed that we’ve solved a similar IT problem before.

To give you an idea of our range of expertise, here are some of the IT problems we frequently resolve for non-profits:

  • Old communication systems that need updating.
  • A tangled web of mobile applications and devices that need to be better synced.
  • Outdated security measures that endanger HIPPA and other regulatory compliance.
  • Sluggish processing systems that overload quickly and can’t keep up with increasing data input.
  • Legacy infrastructures that are slowing productivity and are due for an update.

If your nonprofit is facing problems like these, we can help!

Our dedicated “problem first, technology second” IT troubleshooting process ensures that we not only fix your current issues, but also set your organization up for continuing IT success.

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How Our “Problem First, Tech Second” Process Empowers Non-Profits

We understand the unique situation that nonprofits are in and so we go the extra mile to ensure that our IT solutions fit within your budget, goals, and tight timeline.

An advantage of partnering with Emerald City Solutions for your IT needs is that we don’t blindly throw technology at a problem to make it go away. Instead, our “problem first, technology second” approach to IT ensures that we fluently understand your issue before making any suggestion about a solution.

Here are two examples of how our “problem first, technology second” process helps us put non-profit IT problems to bed for good:

Unified Communications For Nonprofits

Simultaneously maintaining multiple communication applications is a common struggle for non-profits. It’s not uncommon for an organization to have one app for conference calls, one for their phone system, another for fax, and yet another for video conferencing!

Managing all these applications is time-consuming, requires specialized talent for each app, and results in frequent miscommunication between systems.

After working with many non-profits and other companies that had this problem, the IT team here at Emerald City Solutions recognized the need for a unified communication system. We studied the problem first and only after gathering research and gaining an expert understanding of the communication problem, did we start working on a solution.

What we created is our Cloud Office Pro Elevate system (COPE).

COPE combines every communication function your non-profit could need into a single application and interface. This includes:

  • Phone system
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote office capabilities
  • Mobile support
  • Desk phone integration
  • Fax
  • Desktop support
  • Voicemail
  • Video conferencing
  • And even a presence indicator!

COPE is an example of how when we set our mind to a problem, we fix it and make sure it stays fixed.

IT Security For Non-Profit Companies

Cyber-security is essential for any company — including non-profits.

No company is beyond the reach of cyber threats. Just because you are a non-profit doesn’t mean that cyber hackers will simply bypass your company. Hackers want your information just as much as the next guy and will make sure to get it too if you don’t have appropriate online security measures in place.

Our team of IT experts will analyze the online security of your non-profit and implement methods to make your online accounts protected against cyber threats.

Having your non-profit compromised by online hackers puts your company at risk of monetary loss along with stolen information.

Don’t wait until your non-profit has suffered from a cyberattack, contact Emerald City Solutions so that we can identify your security issues and determine the best way to bolster your IT security.

Need IT Service for Your Nonprofit?

From cloud services to email security, infrastructure updates to managed services, Emerald City Solutions is the IT ally your non-profit has been looking for.

You’re working to improve your community and we want to help you do that.

Contact Emerald City Solutions today so that you can stop worrying about IT and get back to doing what you do best.

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