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Hosted Exchange | Microsoft Email Solutions in the Cloud

E-mail Solutions In the Cloud

A complete Hosted E-mail Service is critical for your business to function properly.

Hosted Email Services can give your company many powerful tools. By implementing these tools your organization can significantly improve the productivity of your staff. Without proper configuration, however, your company will run into issues that can potentially cost your company a lot of money in wasted productivity.

At Emerald City Solutions, our hosted e-mail solutions delivers the best quality solution without all the expenses that come along with purchasing, running, and managing the hardware. By hosting your email server on Emerald City Solutions’s data center, you eliminate these costs, saving your staff time and money.

Accessibility Capabilities of Hosted Email

Hosted Email Services comes equipped with an array of dynamic capabilities designed to streamline communication.

Our Hosted Email offering provides superior collaboration capabilities. Some of the top reasons to incorporate our Hosted e-mail server include:

  • Flexible configuration options
  • E-mail archiving
  • Larger mailbox capabilities
  • Superior filtering and retention policies
  • Built-in e-mail security

Hosted Email provides the option to have public folders in shared in multiple places at once in order to share files. You can even share any folder in your mailbox. Your employee calendars can be viewed side by side to make it easier to schedule meetings and events.

Anywhere Access

Emerald City Solutions’s Hosted Email Solution allows your staff access from anywhere on any device.

Our Hosted Email Service offers you dynamic solutions for your company’s e-mail. Your server is set up with industry best-practices in mind. We provide the security, management, and maintenance that you would expect from the IT professionals at Emerald City Solutions. We supply your staff with all the tools they need to get more done by giving them the ability to send and receive e-mails from their mobile devices using the web portal.

Take the office with you by syncing your mailbox to any mobile device. To ensure that your sensitive data isn’t accessed in the event that a device was misplaced or stolen, we can wipe the device.

For more information about how a Hosted Email server can present your company with a dedicated e-mail solution that is customized specifically to your business, call us today at (206) 456-4436.

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