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Host Your Server In The Cloud

Your Server, In the Cloud

Take your server to the cloud and eliminate hardware and utility expenses.

The cloud is everywhere. Many businesses are unaware of the benefits that cloud computing can offer in the form of server and infrastructure hosting. Many small and mid-sized businesses can see benefits from adopting Emerald City Solutions’s hosted solutions into their company computing interface. At Emerald City Solutions, we deliver efficient dedicated server hosting services. Some of the benefits that shared web hosting your server and other critical computing apparati in our reliable and expertly-managed data center include:

  • Less hardware to maintain
  • More space in your office
  • Considerable reduction in utility costs
  • Reduction in overhead
  • Professional support

By choosing us to host your company infrastructure, you are ensuring your company optimal levels of reliability and stability, while minimizing downtime. We ensure that your data is redundantly backed up, with integrated antivirus and security protections that keep your computing infrastructure safe.

Hosted IT Solutions that Save You Time and Money

Stop the capital outlays that come from purchasing expensive hardware.

Our data center provides you with reliable access to your servers operating system that will set a new standard for business computing. Forget about the maintenance and upkeep of your network, our respected IT professionals will handle it all. As with our other hosted solutions, Emerald City Solutions’s cloud environment is extremely flexible and delivers the computing resources that you require to be the most productive business you can be.

Mobile Computing for Business

Have access to the files and accessories that you depend on, from anywhere.

Aside from the cost reduction, your organization will see from Emerald City Solutions’s hosted server and IT infrastructure solution, you will experience added agility that will take your business to the next level. Having access to any files or applications housed in our data centers, from anywhere, using almost any device, promotes the mobility that many small and mid-sized businesses are seeking in today’s competitive marketplace.

Having access to applications such as Outlook/Exchange, the Microsoft Office productivity suite, as well as any other software that your company may use, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) program from anywhere at anytime will provide additional benefits for your organization.

Hosted Infrastructure Presents Value

Your Business’ Entire Infrastructure Hosted with Emerald City Solutions

Emerald City Solutions offers dedicated server hosting and a complete set of options for your company to move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. This includes a full set of secure options such as data storage, virtualization of your current desktop configuration, and a virtual private server.

With Emerald City Solutions’s managed hosted IT infrastructure, you can move your company forward with the tools they need to be productive, while still maintaining a cost reduction. You will no longer have to worry about hardware and software upgrades again.

For more information about our Hosted Infrastructure solution, server hosting, web hosting services, control panel as well as any of our other full root access expertly-managed IT services, call us today at (206) 456-4436 and let us manage your operating systems IT infrastructure dedicated server hosting plans.

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