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Does it feel like every time you turn around, there is another huge security breach? That’s BECAUSE THERE IS!

2016 had a 40% increase, and 2017 has been even messier and more serious. There has been on average 3.22 major corporate security breaches every month this year!

2017 Data Breaches: (Click Any Company to Learn More) 

E-Sports Entertainment Association Xbox 360 ISO & PSP ISO Brooks Brothers America’s Joblink OneLogin
InterContinental Hotels Group University of Oklahoma Bronx Lebanon Arby’s Kmart
FAFSA: IRS Data Retrieval Tool TalentPen and TigerSwan Online Spambot Verifone Verizon
California Association of Realtors Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Saks Fifth Avenue Chipotle Equifax
Washington State University Deep Root Analytics River City Media Gmail  
Sabre Hospitality Solutions Dun & BradStreet UNC Health Care Docusign  

So WHY are there so many data breaches? It’s simple- Corporations care more about profits and their investors than security. The investors don’t feel the pain of security breaches, but customers do. You have to protect yourself from big business!

Privacy Tips

13 Privacy Tips to Increase Your Personal Security:

Privacy Tip #1: Stop Automatic Wi-Fi Connections: Though it’s convenient, consider stopping automatic connections to Wi-Fi. There could be a malicious hacker on the other end.

Privacy Tip #2: Check to See if Your Data Has Been Shared: Always check Terms of Service to see who shares your data and why. Opt out if you can.

Privacy Tip #3: Automatically Update: Always enable automatic updates on your electronics and upgrade to the latest software available.

Privacy Tip #4: Lock All Devices: Any phone, tablet, or computer should be protected with a password – no exceptions. Passwords should be difficult to guess, and the best are even difficult for you to remember. If you can’t remember them, use a password manager.

Privacy Tip #5: Start Shredding: You don’t have to shred all paper documents, but you should shred any documents with your Social Security number, birthday, account number, insurance number, or credit card number.

Privacy Tip #6: Don’t Accept Credit Card Offers: Stop getting credit card offers by mail. Speaking of mail, also go to to remove your address from mailing lists. Also, make sure you are opening and examining your bills for fraudulent charges.

Privacy Tip #7: Protect Your Kids: Kids are more than 51% more likely than adults to be targeted for identity theft. If your child starts getting strange mail, like credit card offers, there is a huge problem. Lock down their credit, now.

Privacy Tip #8: Keep Your Computer Safe: When using your computer, whether it is at home or on the go, make sure you restrict file sharing, use a firewall and antivirus software, back up your data, and encrypt your files.

Privacy Tip #9: Be Careful on Social Media: It’s easy to go overboard when sharing on social media, but you should stop this, because the bad guys are watching. Don’t share private information, such as your full birthdate, or other personal information about yourself.

Privacy Tip #10: Sign up for a free credit monitoring service: Your bank or credit card company may offer this for free. This will bring any theft attempts to your attention so you can dispute it and stop the transaction.

Privacy Tip #11: Freeze credit files: You must sign up for free credit monitoring before your do this. Taking this step prevents anyone – authorized or unauthorized – from applying for credit in your name.

Privacy Tip #12: Monitor your bank account and credit cards: This may seem like a simple step, but busy daily lives can get in the way of this. After a breach of data like this, it is even more important to pay attention to what’s going on in your accounts.

Privacy Tip #13: Create strong passwords: Passwords are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your sensitive information. To ensure you have a solid password check out these Password Tips.

Here at Emerald City Solutions, our goal is to keep your business running and prevent incidences that stop you from growing your business. We are your partner and want to see you succeed. To learn more about our services give us a call at (206) 340-1616.

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