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Have You Adopted Messaging in Your Business Processes?

It has become more evident than ever: any business that wants to be successful needs to have the proper means of communication established. For many years, this meant utilizing email for business correspondence. Now, while email still has a valuable place in business operations, users rely on messaging platforms that almost ensure that they get their point across instantly.

Turning to a messaging platform for their communications, at least internally, has given many businesses (small and medium-sized included) a litany of operational benefits, including:

However, as beneficial as this solution has the potential to be, instant messages also have the potential to be just as distracting and counter-productive as they are useful. Fortunately, there are a few ways to reduce these negative effects with a few guidelines.

No matter how you slice it, adopting an instant messaging platform will require you to better communicate with your staff. Emerald City Solutions can assist you in implementing such a solution, as well as many others to promote business productivity. Reach out to us at (206) 340-1616 to learn more.

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