BEWARE: Facebook Password Stealing Software Exists

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 Well, isn’t karma a B?

There is a new malware that is focusing itself on Facebook hackers ironically dubbed InstantKarmathat actually steals from attackers rather than victims.

This malware comes packed with a Trojan that steals passwords from those looking to hack into other people’s Facebook account.

Facebook Password Stealing SoftwareFacebook password stealing software in action

A quick search of ‘hack Facebook account” on Google shows pages of results and links to many likely malware-tainted software solutions that are targeted towards the average users, no technical skill required. (That means you)

The vastness of Facebook allows for a hacker goldmine if tricks like this can be leveraged successfully. The target goes beyond the typical hacker and targets someone who may be tempted to get into someone else Facebook account. Again, there have been methods and apps offering Facebook hacks for years, but this this specific malicious campaign that promises the easy Facebook password theft is completely new.

Facebook TipsTips to Stay Safe on FacebookFB

  1. NEVER give your password out to anyone. Even your dear old mother, because she may not be as privy to the security risks as you.
  2. Watch out for typos. Scams are usually misspelled.
  3. DON’T click on links that look weird on Facebook. You know what I’m talking about
  4. Update your Security Settings
  5. Do an online search. If it’s a scam, most likely people are online complaining about it!
  6. LOG OUT of Facebook after using a computer that is not yours. Common sense, come on.

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