Be Aware. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

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Whether your organization is large or small, you should be aware of cybersecurity threats that can impact your business.

Nasty attacks, like Ransomware, can disrupt your day to day business operations if you are not properly protected. In May 2017, a Presidential Executive Order was signed on strengthening the cybersecurity of federal and critical infrastructure. Our Federal Government is concerned about the cybersecurity and safety of this nation, and your business could be at risk. Protecting your IT infrastructure, computer networks, and sensitive data is a crucial part of any organization.

Enhance your business security with these tips:

  1. Patch and Update Your Systems
    1. If you have a patch or update it is crucial – install it as soon as possible; thus improving the security of your IT infrastructure. Many times these patches have security updates that make it harder for hackers to gain access to your computer systems.

TIP: We can help set your systems to update automatically when a new patch is available.

  1. Activate A SPAM Filtering Software
    1. SPAM is an unfortunate part of email in today’s world, and you have to be able to filter good emails and bad emails. When not properly filtered, it can lead to an employee accidentally clicking on a link that deploys malware that attacks your system at the core. A proper SPAM filter will separate the good from the bad, and give you peace of mind when navigating through your day.

TIP: We can enhance your cyber security processes with a unique SPAM filtering system.

  1. Implement Data Backup and Disaster Recovery System
    1. One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is not having a data backup and recovery system in place. It is estimated that 6% of computers experience some form of data loss every year. With data loss being such a big problem, it is important to implement a data recovery solution as part of a concise business continuity plan.

TIP: We can implement a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery system for your business.

So, is your business prepared to weather the storm of the next cybersecurity breach? No need to worry if you are not ready. Just give us a call at (206) 340-1616 and we will implement a strategy to protect your business from the next great cybersecurity attack.

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