5 Cybersecurity Lies You Tell Yourself

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The recent WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack that hit 300,000 victims in 150 countries was the main topic at this past week’s huge Information Security (InfoSec) Trade Show in London; where 13,500 experts and 360 exhibitors gathered to discuss the latest threats and countermeasures in the on-going battle against Cyber-Attackers.


Beware of these 5 cybersecurity lies you tell yourself:

  1. The Lie: Cybersecurity is only an IT problem. I have nothing to do with IT. I only need to focus on my position, and they will handle the cybersecurity issues.

          The Truth: YOU need to be aware of what is going on in the cyber world, and take action to prevent a catastrophic event. Be smart online and always think twice before clicking on a link.

  1. The Lie: Office computer systems vs. tech gadgets are completely different.

          The Truth: In today’s world of automation, everything is being controlled digitally. Hackers now have the capability to modify device software as a means to destroy physical infrastructure. More and more devices are being equipped with technology and becoming similar to computers.

  1. The Lie: Using anti-virus software is enough protection.

          The Truth: Oh, heck no! Maybe 20 years ago, but nowadays hackers have found ways to hide their attacks in different systems, and deploy using different paths that could get around your anti-virus. You need multiple defenses to properly protect your company. Here at Emerald City Solutions, we have various products and services to keep you company ahead of the hackers.

  1. The Lie: Cybersecurity is only in force to protect the company.

          The Truth: Cybersecurity is a people problem, not just a tech problem, and needs to be approached at the human layer where business processes & technology intersect. As cyber threats increase, so must defense of companies, starting with educating & training its people. Positioning your company in this manner with boost efficiencies and save money.

  1. The Lie: We will never get attacked.

          The Truth: Wrong! This kind of thinking is what makes you more vulnerable! The key to the strongest possible security is building proper processes, policies, and training in order to raise personalized threat awareness.

The good news is, we can help! Our multi-layered security service, Cyber Security Pro provides:

  • Information Risk Assessment
  • Internal/ External Penetration Testing
  • Phishing Campaign
  • Training & Education
  • Information Security Reporting

We are able to enrich usability and breed a competitive advantage for your unique business. Staying ahead of the hackers and preventing issues in the first place is the key to success. Learn more about how Emerald City Solutions can protect your business. Give us a call! (206) 340-1616

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