3 Game-Changing Technologies Showcased at 2018 CES

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What will dominate the technology industry in 2018?

We took a look at the emerging technology we feel will have a huge impact on your everyday life, as previewed from the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


  1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

There may not be a trend bigger in the tech industry right now than VR and AR. Even Floyd Mayweather unveiled a new VR-based boxing and fitness game.

VR and AR were a main component on stage while popular technologies displayed their new and improved features. It seemed every company had some type of VR or AR glasses to try.

The most “normal” pair of AR glasses at the show were office-centric; highlighting the ability to see your messages, calendar, maps, and much more. There was also a “kid-friendly” version of a VR headset that was rugged enough to withstand being tossed around and mishandled.

VR and AR are still in the very early stages, though many upgrades have been produced since last year, including standalone headsets that do not need a phone to function properly.

What will the future hold for this technology? Everyone has a different idea for what this technology can be used for but one thing is for sure; this technology will be huge.

  1. S-Ray from Samsung – A Headphone free way for you and only you to listen to your favorite music

S-Ray can beam sound directly to your ears, possibly someday replacing headphones. This technology uses ultrasonic modulation to produce a directional speaker that sends sound directly to your ears, even in a loud crowded room.

This technology is said to work with different devices, including a Bluetooth speaker, a phone cover and a personal neckband.  S-Ray could be integrated into a band you wear on your wrist or on your phone case.

CES Robots

  1. ♪♫ Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto ♫♪ – Robots Made A Big Statement

From a robot that will fold your laundry to one that was dancing around on a pole (get ready to throw your bitcoins around)… CES was full of new robot technologies designed to make your life easier and interesting.

The well-known robot made by Hanson Robotics, Sophia, made an appearance and took some of her first steps in public. Even though Sophia cannot yet clean your windows, the maker of Winbot X developed a robo-vacuum cleaner to defy gravity and clean your windows for you.

Honda had a big presence at the event when it displayed a handful of robots designed to make human life better, including the 3E-A18 robot designed to provide comfort and support for humans in public places, much like a service dog.

Another big technology is the development of AI and the integration into robots, which Honda developed into an ATV that used AI to serve work-related tasks, like transporting goods and carrying heavy items to and from worksites. There are just a few of the amazing robotic technologies seen a CES this year and the field of robotics will only expand and grow.

One thing is for sure, technology will continue to evolve and if your company cannot keep up with it, you will be left in the dust. The 2018 CES showed us some incredible new technology that is on the horizon. What do you think will be the next game changing tech to hit the market? Let us know in the comments.

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